2019 Acura TLX Lease Help

So after some advice from other hackers I’ve decided to look into a more premium vehicle to see if the cost can really be comparable to the Honda’s I was looking at. This is a lease proposal I was given for a 2019 TLX A-Spec V6, FWD. My initial reaction is the money factor seems too high, especially since I have excellent credit, but other than that I’m not sure how good of a deal it is. Any help is much appreciated.

Vehicle cost: $41,760
Selling price: $32,363.55
DAS: $1,369.22 (includes first payment, fees & insurance, upfront taxes)
Monthly payment: $444.77 ($400.69 + tax rate of 11%)
MF: 0.00225
Residual: $21,459
Doc fee: $144.00
Registration: $37.00
Title: $53.00
Encumberance fee: $25.00
Online reg fee: $14.55
Temporary plate fee: $28.00
Country fee: $5.00
Annual Mileage: 10k
State: Pennsylvania

Ur paying upfront taxes and taxes in ur monthly payment? Is that a PA thing?

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Hmm no idea, I’ll have to research that.

Personally I’d take an Accord 2.0T over a TLX FWD V6 all day errrr day.

The MF is base. Nothing you can do about it. You need to break down the vehicle discount vs the incentives. The taxes up front are on the incentives.

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I feel ya. I checked out the new accords and I’m pretty much split even on how I feel about them compared to the TLX. I love the interior of the accord but hate the outside. I just really don’t care for the lobster claw style tail lights. Exact opposite on the TLX. Love the exterior, especially in aspec blue, but the interior, specifically the infotainment, is dated and kind of meh. Tho the tlx does have red leather interior which I prefer and can’t get on the accord. Agree tho for someone set on the accord it’s a great car. I know that 2.0 turbo engine is nice and torquey but I do like an NA V6 in the tlx a lot.

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Also I can’t seem to determine any incentives from the proposal work up. From what I can tell the sale price is just based on the discount. Does this mean there aren’t any incentives? Or they just aren’t applying any for me?

Because you need to ask, of course they are obfuscating numbers and making it seem like this is all coming out of their pocket. Others are reporting $8950 which would mean that 95% of that discount is just incentives.

Literally 1 post above yours;

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Oh wow sorry about that! I don’t know how I could have missed that post. I’m new to the site (and lease hacking in general) so I apologize for stumbling through this. Based on my paperwork, the discount is about $9,400 which means they’re adding their own dealer discount of about $500.00. If that’s low then I’ll try to push some extra on that end.

The 45k SH-AWD A Spec V6 should be $465/mo with just first month down.

Thanks for the heads up. Also looks like the poster before me was posting figures he was trying to get but was never quoted. I’m still trying to find other examples out there of my spec to see how far off I am. I also messaged a broker so we’ll see how it goes.

You need more dealer discount, as was noted you’re getting base MF and there’s $8950 in incentives so the only way to improve is with the dealer knocking off more money.

PA also doesn’t collect tax up front they tax the monthly and you pay 9, 10, or 11% depending on the county you live in. May want to find out what they mean by upfront taxes.

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep pressing for a deeper discount and inquire about the taxes.