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Dear mllcb42,

I’ve read through your “how to use” post. Would you please review the offer sheet and calculator numbers?

Background: I told the dealer I would pay the (a.) 1st month’s lease payment (b.) dealer/doc fee and (c.) all government registration fees upfront. Registration is in Pennsylvania (sales tax of 6.0%).
I believe the dealer rolled the Acquisition Fee into the deal. I am not putting any down payment, therefore, I circled it blue in the offer sheet.

When completing the calculator, I matched the “Drive-Off,” but the Monthly Payment with Tax" still does not match with the offer sheet. What does this mean?


Pennsylvania charges 6% sales tax plus an additional 3% lease tax. Any differences from there are likely down to what of the fees are taxed or not taxed. The calculator isn’t perfect for every state when it comes to those details.

Which mystery chevy is this? 3% discount is awfully low, unless we are talking a new Vette.

This is a Camaro Coupe LT1.

There’s an $8 dollar difference per month even though I adjusted the "Down Payment to a -$99. I haven’t leased in a while, so I’m not sure what this means.

What % discount is good in your opinion for a 2021 Chevy Camaro Coupe LT1?

He had a supplier code but you can look at the rest of the deal to compare with yours.

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There have been some incredibly cheap camaros that have came through here recently that are good reference points for pre-incentive discounts.

The calculator doesn’t have a ton of flexibility in selecting which capitalize and which ones not, so one often needs to adjust the down payment number to get the das to match. It doesn’t mean anything.

Thanks for the reference.

His (“Dinab”) deal doesn’t make sense. I’m looking at the same 2021 Camaro Coupe LT1, but it doesn’t have the RS package, red calipers, and black wheels. The Camaro I’m looking at has an MSRP of $39,035 without those 3 options.
Those 3 additional options would make the MSRP greater than $38,880 which is what “Dinab” posted. I believe his MSRP is incorrect.

@Dinab Is the Msrp correct in your calculator?

When I build a car to his specs in Chevy’s website, I get an msrp of $38,880. I’m guessing you’re is an auto, not a 6 spd.

Ah, ok. When I searched here, everything I saw said 6% state + 3% lease tax, but I didn’t dive any deeper.

It’s a very small asterisk. Philadelphia county and Allegheny county have 2% and 1% sales tax respectively, making effective tax rates 11% and 10% respectively.

Mine is an automatic.
I didn’t catch that his was a manual. Gosh, the automatic increases the price a great amount. Sorry about that.

Do you means adds like a tire protection package or maintenance package?
If so, then no. I did not ask for any additional packages.

Actually it’s the other way around, I’m off by around 145 bucks too high, my calculator is too high, I’m not sure what’s the reason.

It’s correct. Tech pckg, RS pckg, carbon flash wheels, red calipers, dual mode exh. 6 speed.

To clarify for @mllcb42

Allegheny county - Pittsburgh - 10%
Philadelphia county - given - 11%
Rest of state - 9%

Tax is based on your garaged address, so you’ll still get charged the respective tax if you buy out of county/state. Not like buying a washing machine where you can save a couple bucks buying in the next county.

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Thanks @mp11477, I should have been more clear.

Is a “GM First Responder” discount taxable or untaxable?

To shed more light on the “GM First Responder” program, it states that “A dealer has submitted an approval code against this authorization number to GM for reimbursement.”
Based on this new information, is this incentive taxable or untaxable?

It’s difficult to say, as it will vary by state, etc. As a rough rule of thumb, if it gets itemized out on the deal, treat it as taxable. If it’s rolled into the selling price, treat it as untaxed.