Most Unique Cars Spotted Thread - Need More Uplifting Content

You’re not wrong.

Introducing the 2023 GMC Cadillac

Nice parking job. Their other car must be a Corvette or a lifted heavy-duty half-ton dually brodozer on 37s

Wth is that? :face_vomiting:

RHD and manual. At my gym parking lot


Saw it a while back!


That one’s a different one. Different rims :joy:

Who TF is importing these ? What’s the displacement on these things, like 1.0L ? :joy:

Maybe @Qbrozen :joy:


You’re right, the one at your gym has a rack as well with a bumper sticker.

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These are 660cc. Lol.
They are quite cool, IMHO, but pickups, sadly, get dinged with 25% import tax. I always keep an eye out for the right van version of that and would import. But the “chicken tax” keeps me away from standard cab pickups.


Not new, but been a while since I’ve seen one.

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Electa Meccanica!
Has the suspension of a cheap mountain bike and roominess of an airport Coach seat!
And the price tag of $15k.

The plate looks motorcycle sized, so I guess it’s classed as a 3 wheel cycle.

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$18.5, but they’re a Canadian company, so dollareedoos? Looks claustrophobic, and somewhat dangerous, and the pic looks like someone cut off the rear of a cheapie sedan an crafted a fiberglass ass.

Yikes, they went from 12.9 to 14.9 to over 18!


Another day in the BX. Ohio temp plates too.


Great car, but the license plate is what caught my eye. That’s one way to buy a sports car. Hopefully they bought low and sold high.

Unsurprising Montana plates.

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I found no angles where this looks anything less than heinous

I used to dip my hotwheels in paint like that by holding onto the hood.

God bless you if you eventually found parking in that morass.

(this is my favorite cinnamon, btw)

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