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I see, so Elan tested the xc90 vs the gv80? If so I would love to see the results. My point is simply that that xc90 is not the safest vehicle in its class. This is based in IIHS data. If you have some actual data to the contrary, I would love to see it. Im sure there are other vehicles in this class that are also just as good or better than the volvo. Read the data.

IIHS rates all the Volvo products as among the safest products in their class, which is consistent with the above statements. The links to the data have been provided above. There is no need to continue hammering the topic, so let’s get back to the primary focus of the thread.


Why are you purposely misrepresenting the data. We are specifically talking about the xc90 vs others. If I am in an xc90 I dont care how volvo ranks as a whole vs other manufactures as a whole. The data is clear. IF you want the safest vehicle in the xc90 class, it is not the xc90. One example of a safer vehicle is the gv80 as it bests the xc90 in side impact torso injury AND further bests the volvo is accident avoidance which can pay incredible dividends in the future. I understand the need here for brokers and their friends to push volvo, but that doesnt trump the facts.

Why do you keep hijacking the thread?

No, only you wish to continue this inane conversation going. The rest of want to see if the OP caves and gets a minivan.


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I’ve split the Volvo safety discussion and moved it to the Off Ramp.

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I love how the mods here deliberately lie, move posts and change topics. Block discussion.
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Why did you lie in the topic you created?

Cost is not the question at issue.

You can edit it to whatever you want.

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Yes, but why did YOU change it to something false to begin with? What is your motive?

I’ve misrepresented nothing. I’ve cited sources for anyone to argue with. The iihs rankings clearly show the xc90 rated as one of the safest options in the class, which is consistent with the discussion everyone but you is having. Yes, the gv80 bests it slightly in two categories, which does nothing to change the discussion everyone is having. Your focus on it not being the absolutely top pick is just a strawman from the original discussion.


No one said its not safe. My point was it is not the safest. Many others are safer, 22 mdx, gv80…Others have caught and surpassed volvo for a long time. Yet you chose to compare the brand as a whole when you posted data that shows others a better when comparing individual models.

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I addressed the IIHS ratings of the xc90 specifically and the brand as a whole because both were discussed.

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