Mods deliberately lie

Why do you think Volvo is safer than others?

it’s factually one of the best rated cars for safety on the road today


How so? Are you saying it’s rated better than others in it’s class? By whom?

When IIHS invented “Top Safety Pick Plus”, only 2 large SUVs won: the (then) new Acura MDX and the 9 y/o bodystyle XC90

Once, there was this band who, were named after characters they crash to test our cars…

Not all but most cars have safety ratings, and are crashed on purpose. All Volvos consistently rank at the top. Other brands also have exceptional safety.

And… Jeep 4xes are leasing well. The two venn diagrams arent even on the same surface.


How are 2013 crash tests relevant to today. In fact just as one example the gv80 surpasses the XC90 in crash tests when it comes to a side impact and injury to the torso. It further surpasses the XC90 in the effectiveness of collision avoidance systems.

My volvo has saved my life so many times. My new daily is a BMW M car, but I trust my S60 and V60 so much more in terms of safety systems. If I had to get into a car accident, it’d be in a Volvo.

I’ve driven both, I like the volvo better, and the collision avoidance systems perform differently IRL then in a test.

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Go look at the 2021 model(s)

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I did and that’s why I posted the above.

Lol using that argument crash test result in different injuries in real life

Show me the crash test ratings for the 2021 4xe - I’ll wait.

Mmm hmm. I was rear-ended 4 years ago last week (not driving a Volvo), next week is back surgery #2. I did the research before I leased my Volvo.

And I’m not here to rain on the 4xe parade, but Jeeps are so unsafe I won’t even take one as a rental.

Yes it does. But Volvo has a multi decade track record for safety. The Hyundai ascent was one of the MOST dangerous car in America.

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Right so now we’re basing how a car performs in 2021 on completely different vehicles built 20 years ago. I see. Please.

Model for model, there is usually at least one thing as safe as the comparable Volvo. But the entire lineup prioritizes safety over everything else.

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I’m not comparing it to a Jeep I’m comparing it to other vehicles of similar type on the road. Your personal experience in a single crash is completely irrelevant. Again show me the data that you’re basing your claims on.

Then start your own thread. That isn’t the topic here.


Was talking about the 2011-2017 generation. Fat P for overlap crashes. Even the 2018-21 ascent has some decently sized flaws.

There’s a reason I shoved my father into a Volvo and myself into something else. I care, also he’s cheap and wanted a payment that started with 2.

Stop feeding the trolls. These guys know that given the choice they are putting loved one in a Volvo over a Jeep everytime. The question is how to get a great Volvo deal. I am in the exact same boat as this guy. Literally, it’s kind of freaky as I am assuming he is an attorney, too. Only difference is our family’s one car is Tesla M3 and I am not in Cali.


Just to put the xc90 safety discussion to rest with the actual data:

IIHS ranks the 2021 xc90 as “Top Safety Pick +”, rating it as one of the safest midsized suvs on the market. Joining it are the MDX, RDX, Q5, XT6, GV80, Nero, NX, GLE, and XC60. Absent from the top safety pick + and top safety pick list is any jeep products, at least in the midsized suv category.

Of those, the gv80 does rate “good” over “adequate” in a singular category, the side impact torso injury. The difference between “good” and “adequate” for iihs is fairly small, with good representing a 70% improvement over poor and adequate representing a 64% improvement over poor.

That would make the xc90 not the safest vehicle on the market, but certainly would make it among the safest. One could look at the ratings of the entire product line to substantiate or not the argument that Volvo as a brand are consistently the safest. Volvo does appear to be the only brand where every single vehicle is a top safety pick + in their respective categories.

The 4xe specifically has not been tested by iihs, but other wrangler models have been ranking significantly lower with “poor” and “marginal” ratings in several categories.


The Genesis also bests the volvo in crossing child and parallel adult front crash prevention.

Did you see Elon Musk mentioning Volvo in his Model S Plaid presentation referring to Volvo’s safety?
I think that’s big complement for Volvo.

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