Mercedes-Benz GLA 2021 Lease Deal Question

Again with the critical misunderstanding of the difference between knowing the details and using monthly/das as your negotiating language and just blindly coming up with a monthly/das target without taking the time to figure out the basis of what gets you there.

No one is saying don’t negotiate off of monthly/das… They’re saying find out what that number should be based on the actual data rather than “well, I saw some other guy got something like this a month ago” that is what most monthly/das shopper do.

This thread is a perfect example. The op appears to be targeting a price off of what “feels” right. That is a very poor way to determine what to target and leaves no effective way to evaluate if the deal is any good or not.

Where are you getting this figure? Are you a broker/dealer?

Not really b/c the car literally just came out. One of the local brokers or dealers that posts here would have more info on that.

It is called “leasehackr forum.” Wouldn’t it be weird if the regulars weren’t circle jerky about the details? I mean, they don’t post here b/c they hate making deals or can’t stand vast amounts of data… That’d be like posting on a food forum, if you don’t care about what food tastes like.

None of the regular posters do that. They specifically state things like, “Paying a marked up MF might be fine, if you get a good discount, b/c the dealer’s got to make money somewhere. But you won’t know if the MF is marked up unless you actually do some research.”


You can get a 2021 on Rodo with a 8% discount. My local dealer was willing to match. I purchased a 2020 GLA loaner instead (old model), got 15% off plus $2250 in additional incentives.


The one listed by @AutoCompanion is for a 2020 GLA (unless I missed something). The 2021 has been completely re-designed. Are you referring to MY 2020 or 2021?

Considering your only “contribution” to the forum is just to argue ideology and waste everyone’s time, I have no problem stopping all of your attempts to derail other people’s threads. @kennyzz1

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@trism @mllcb42

Thanks to those who genuinely offered some insight into this process. @max_g and the others, gtfo. You three have contributed nothing.

Just to add some good vibes to this thread, I’ll spoon feed you. What’s the discount, the rebate, the money factor, and the residual value? Once you have those, you need to plug those into the calculator. As @z0lt3c said, shoot for a 10% discount but be willing to settle for 8 or 9, and there is a $500 rebate. Accord to Edmunds, on a 36 month 10k mile/year lease, You have a MF of 0.00103 and a residual of 60%.
Calc if 8% discount @ 8% tax rate- $439/month and 3k upfront:

Calc if 10% discount-$412/month and 3k upfront:

The difference between the two is roughly $25 a month.


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I got a similar sense when I started looking into the numbers and asking around.

I too was looking at the 2021 GLA, but now I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s a re-design so it may have some technical problems at launch and the deals/incentives/discounts are not very good.

Thanks! Appreciate it. I’m at 7.75% right now but def gonna try and shoot higher. :pray:

I went test drive GLA today and it is not as good as I expected. I also drove a GLB and it is slightly better but I don’t like its boxed design. Though the salesperson is so nice and I think I will lease something through him. Just don’t know what yet :slight_smile: Good luck!

I have a fresh deal need some idea. Location: GA.

36 months, 10k miles
MSRP: $43,505
saving from dealer: $3,005
fleet program rebate: $1,000
trade-in value: $5,000
MF: 0.00184
Monthly payment: $426 with 0 money down; $393 for $1000 put down; $500 if no trade-in 0 money down

Vey new to this. Any thoughts are welcome.

What’s the selling price?

What is your trade? Is that $5000 in positive equity? Or a $5000 purchase price?

Selling price is $40,500. $5000 is purchase price. Thanks

$43,505 - $4005 = $39,500, so where did the extra $89 come from? Also, when I skim the Edmunds forum for this month, I only see $500 dealer cash.

I think what @mllcb42 meant is… is the dealer cutting you a check for $5000, or is that $5000 being applied to the selling price of the GLA? Given the numbers you’ve listed, it’s clearly not the latter.

However, your selling price makes no sense, so I assume you might have the terms or numbers mixed up?

$4,005 includes $3,005 discount from dealer, $1,000 from fleet program. Sorry if I didn’t say it clear at beginning. I found MF from edmund is around 0.00110 but dealer only agree to give me 0.00184.

Dealer said $5,000 is applied when adjusting cap cost. They use net cap cost here which equals to msrp - $4,005 - $5,000 + fees (first month payment + acquisition fee, doc fee, registration). They do a trick to put first month payment in cap cost. I don’t need to pay first payment today and 35 payments left.

You were right. I didn’t understand selling price correctly. I thought it was MSRP subtract all discounts( from dealer and from manufacture program). I corrected it.

Saw it was changed to 40500.

According to later post, seems like
MSRP: 43505
Discount: 3005
Selling: 40500
Rebate: 1000
Trade in: 5000

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These don’t add up if you’re getting $5k for the trade in. $426 with trade in would be equivalent to $565 with no trade in.

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I got confused too. But from adjusted cap cost, it did increase $5k if no trade in.