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Actually, I didn’t know. I apologize!

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I just sent you an email before seeing this. I’m in pa. Could you direct me to someone to help me with an xc40? Thank you.

I’m pretty sure @nyclife has PA dealerships. Right, Quentin?

Linking two reviews that were buried on my Deals thread. Mods pls msg/remove if not allowed.

Not sure where this all started but making $22k-$35k per months months is cool. whatever. Selling 100 cars is a headache. I range about the same selling 15 cars and deal with clients who make millions of dollars per year vs dealing with a bunch of mooches who half of them will give a bad survey. if there was a fleet guy who sold 400 cars per month that was making $1.2 mill 18 years ago, then good for him. I have been in the business long enough to know when people pack their numbers.

Remember this all started because I didn’t want to sign up for another stupid website!

Lol this forum gets so circle jerky about how you gotta hack every single deal and mull over every detail as if you guys are negotiating a M&A. I never said people shouldn’t have done their research but some of you folks make it seem like jerking off to “hur dur ask for buy rate” is the only way to make a good deal.

This forum is the exact counterpart to /r/askcarsales lmao. This is leasing cars. Some of you make it seem like it’s an elite boys club and the way you negotiate with the dealership is your hazing. Is there that little going on with your lives that you have to make leasing cars into some elitist shit.

And max_g lmao you locked my post when I pointed out you’re always making sweeping generalizations too. I swear some of you are unbearable but what should i expect from people that call themselves “hackers.”


@saucyPM Please DM me


Sent you a PM. I’m in Boston


Wow wtf android. Embed my gifs

I’m interested, please message me. Thanks

I’m interested. Please message me thanks.

Worth a shot if looking for a OL code and missed a UDE event.

I signed up at the dealer for it on Wednesday and still haven’t received an email with the code.

Works! :+1: got the email with the code in 5 mins.

Thanks @anon46843959!

Same. Signed up again and got it quick.

you should because people like that should not exist…

Can I custom-build a vehicle on the manufacturer’s site and lease it through a dealership?

Californ I A. Where a 24 year old can sleep with a 14 year old. But don’t dare do it in a gas powered vehicle.