Mercedes Benz Financial not selling leased car to Carvana

Just spoke to a Carvana representative.
My lease ends this month for my car.
Are other car companies too doing this due to the global chip shortage?
Too bad I can’t sell it to Carvana.

UPDATE: Currently I feel best bet for people nearing end of lease with MBFS is to sell their car to another Mercedes Benz dealer. I had leased with Fletcher Jones. I went to Autonation. I can pocket some money from them + can avoid disposition fee with my original dealer.


Surprising. Thanks for sharing this.

My lease with Mercedes Benz ends this week.
MBFS does not sell to Carvana, Carmax or any 3rd party.
Only option is for me to sell to a different (merc approved) dealer.
I already spoke to one and they are willing to buy my car & allow me to pocket some diff.

Other option is for me to buy car and sell to Carmax etc. - but this is too much footwork to avoid the sales tax & complete everything within 10 days.

Sell to another Merc dealer seems to be my best option right now. Any alternatives anyone suggests that I may have missed out on?

You’ve pretty much got the options listed… sell to an MB dealer or buy it and sell to anyone else.

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merc c300 4 door sedan.

A question that still boggles me:
Why doesn’t my own dealer want my car? No incentives from their side provided that would make me want to return to my dealer?

Its other dealers who seem to be incentivizing returning the car to them.

The dealer wants your car… they just want you to turn it in at lease end do it doesn’t cost them extra.

In fact, they provide a negative incentive : disposition fee.
Why would anyone in their right mind return to their own dealer then, ever?

My MB dealer bought my GLA early, for the lease buyout amount, I was in month 18 of 36. I think you just need to find the right dealer. Waiting until the end of the lease is probably not the best timing,

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Because most of the time, your car wouldn’t have any equity, and paying the disposition fee would be the most cost effective option.

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I noticed you mention Fletcher Jones so presume you are in So Cal. Another option would be to buy your car and then sell to MyCarAuction based in Irvine. They do not require that the title from MBFS be re-registered in your name. I did this with my VW. It does take some time and putting up capital to purchase the car first. My timeline is below. Hope it helps.

8/12 - Sent cashier’s check to VW Financial for buyout.
8/20 - File NPO status at DMV as my registration was about to expire. Left car on my driveway.
9/13 - VW Financial signed title relinquishing their interest in the car.
915 - Received title from VW Financial via FedEx.
9/20 - Contacted MyCarAuction for online appraisal, accepted offer, and scheduled inspection.
9/21 - Buyer inspected car in person and provided me their company check. I handed over title and signed DMV form 262 giving them power of attorney. Deposited check same day.
9/22 - Check clears in my bank account.
9/27 - MyCarAuction transport picked up car from my driveway.

I did not pay sales tax because I did not have to re-register title in my name at the DMV and my transaction happened within 10 days of VW Financial signing over title so tax will only be due from third party (future buyer).


Agreed - some cars are not worth keeping.
Most of the cars I leased got returned at the end because the RV was way inflated (upside down) or the problems thru it’s life.
My last lease return was a Land Rover and it was a total mess - was in the service dept for half of the 3 years, driving a Jag loaner for 18 months, and not being able to really enjoy that SUV. Best $500 dispo fee paid!

My current lease is a Honda Clarity PHEV and it’s a beaut - low RV and zero problems - going to buy her out at the end of lease in a few months~

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I disagree. With the vehicle in service half the time you had the lease, you never should have paid a dispo fee because you should have lemoned the car long before it got to that point.

My question was valid.
The dealer i went to (Autonation), lied to me that they are an approved Merc dealer.
I called Mercedes benz Financial and they told me that only Fletcher Jones is their dealer.
Hence my only option is to return my car to my dealer (no, I dont want to go the buy-my-car-and-sell hassle)

Hence, at end of lease, you have no alternative dealer to come help you, there is no way to avoid disposition fee - you HAVE to pay it. Only escape route is buy-and-sell.

(above statements are with respect to car companies that have restricted 3rd party sell-outs)

Mercedes told you Autonation is NOT an approved dealer?


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You are correct about that.
This autonation acura dealership was ready to buy my car.
I called MBFS today. the representative said Autonation is NOT our dealer.
I asked is Fletcher Jones your dealer? The rep said yes.
I’ve been confused too, with the google search showing what you pasted.

Even worse, MERCEDES lied to you

Autonation Acura is NOT an authorized MB dealer. You need them to work with their sister store, MB of South Bay, to buyout your Mercedes.

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So in other words, what you agreed to in your lease contract?

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