Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread

Please avoid driving on the cat. :cat:

If you have experience with ICE S Classes, you know they eat up tires due to their weight. Won’t get more than 15K miles on a set on average.

EQS is the same. Very heavy

I have the summer Goodyear F1’s . Those turn into hockey pucks when temps dip below 50 degrees ambient. LoL


So tire rotation free? Yes?

Sedan 450 rwd

what kind of deal did you get and what state? if texas please share

Can’t be replicated right now but mine is here. $413/month, $520 effective in NY.


please share this dealership. i want to get one

If you’re a Supporter, then RateFindr should be showing you buyrate MF in the calculator AFAIK.

@littleviolette can confirm.

That’s around 18% off without tax credits if my math is correct which isn’t bad. Problem is, in Texas you need both. Start making offers. Offer 16% or thereabouts with tax credits, see who bites or comes close.

What else can you stack to lower your payment beyond negotiable items like discounts? Do you have EV conquest? Can you do MSD or one-pay?

not surprised given the all wheels turn, im usually pretty good with tires (Model S OEM tires lasted till 33k), but with the EQS i would be lucky to get 20k, thinking of switching to AS in between

0.00239 is correct and you need both, but I doubt he’s going to get both

Looks to be true. Took this straight from the owners manual

On vehicles that have the same size front and rear wheels, rotate the wheels according to the intervals in the tire manufacturer’s warranty book in your vehicle documents. If this is not available, rotate the tires every 3,000 to 6,000 miles (5,000 to 10,000 km), depending on the wear. Ensure that the direction of rotation is maintained.

My new EQS 21s are running Pirelli PZero PZ4 Luxury NCS, which is about $2500 out the door for a set of 4. The cheapest set right now is the Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra for $1350. I’m looking to either:

  1. Swap them out now for the Bridgesones and save the Pirelli’s as lease returns
  2. Run the Pirelli’s to 4/32s and swap in the Bridgestones, then save the Pirelli’s as lease returns.

Option 1 would be the cheapest as I wouldn’t need to run road hazard warranty on both sets. What do you guys recommend I do?

i will try your approach. there are only really 3 dealerships in dallas. there are more but 2 others are part of the same group so going to 1 is like going to all 3.

Anyone know if there are still deals to be had? I am in the market for a new electric. Based in bay area, willing to travel a bit.

Have Sams&Costco have Amex, have an EV.

And yes I am reading most of the recent posts. TIA.

There’s still a market but don’t expect $600/month, it will be about $800

Why not get a road hazard insurance or certificates for tires, and then if they don’t last more than 15k miles, get them replaced as part of warranty?

I wish that was the case, but Discount Tire’s road hazard certs (which I have) do not cover tread wear and neither does Pirelli.

Did you end up paying out of pocket for charging the loaner?

I charged at home mostly and just did DCFC to test it.

Can you share contact details of the salesperson or broker you are using for this deal. May be we can negotiate for two cars to get better deal?