Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread

Per @z0lt3c’s suggestion, opening this thread so everyone can start posting their deals and questions here so the forum isn’t overrun with new daily threads about the EQS. Most questions have already been answered in previous threads, but if someone still has questions, they can post in one of the already existing threads or here.

Below is a quick summary thanks to @Kellstar.

How to get a good LEASE deal on a EQS:

  1. Agree on discounted selling price before incentives. 20% or more would be hardest to find but of course will be the cheapest.

  2. Get all your lease incentives ready - Max discount is $12,500

    $7500 EV credit - Everyone Qualifies
    $1500 - EV conquest, current owners of EVs and maybe Plug in hybrids qualify
    $3500 - Affinity via Navy Federal/Sams Club. Not all dealers may accept this and can be difficult. More Affinity/fleet info at the following links: PDF list here and this link too.
    Note- Should you not quality for $3500 Affinity rebate, you automatically qualify for $2500 EV rebate. Affinity and $2500 rebate do not stack.

Unsure of any state specific incentives that might apply.

  1. Know what base MF is. Can be marked up by dealer.

  2. Use One Pay or MSDs to bring MF down further. Pro tip - if you are doing one pay/MSDs, put it on a credit card to earn a big bonus. This will reduce your cost of ownership. MB dealers I have dealt with have been more than willing to put amounts on CC, YMMV. However don’t let this be a dealbreaker.

  3. Realize this is an actual lease that likely will have no equity and that you are the hook for $10-$20k over the span of 2 years with almost no way to exit. MB does not allow transfers.

The above guidance will be most successfully applied to the EQS 450 RWD. This has the lowest MSRP, of the EQS models, and the weakest resale value. A loaner model would be even better. The EQS 450 4matic SUV is probably the second best model to target, but be prepared for a larger payment. If you aspire towards a higher EQS model, be prepared for a typical Mercedes S class payment range.


First time leaser looking to get a super cheap EQS if possible (neither tied to the car nor in need of a new one). Mainly looking to take advantage of the good MB EQS deals, but might have missed the boat from earlier this month.

Where I’m at: Dealer went down to 80k (including 10k in incentives/cash), I ran the Leasehackr calculator and got an effectively monthly cost of $914. I wanted 71k and dealer said no. I walked but know that the sales person wants to make this happen.

Make: MB
State: California
Model: 2023 EQS450+
Msrp: $106,xxx
Selling: $80,000 (~25% off) (includes $7,500 EV incentive and $2,500 new EV)
MF: .00239
Term: 24/10k

Total DAS: (unclear didn’t get to that part of the negotiation yet. I said $0 down for what it’s worth)

Monthly: $914 (total cost $21,928)

I have the money and am mostly concerned about the total cost of the lease. Right now, the total cost is $21,928, and I want something closer to $15,000. This would require the dealer to do $74,000 based on the calculator, but I’m not sure that’s possible in California in this market/this time of the month.


  1. What should my next steps be?
  2. Should I wait until the end of the month to see if I get more desperation?
  3. Should I offer MSDs?
  4. Should I offer to one-pay? If I one-pay, will I get any money back if the car is totaled?
  5. I’m thinking if the dealer gives me a take it or leave it at $77,000 after more negotiation, that I can pick a EQS that’s a little higher in MSRP with more options and call it a day. Is this tactic ok, or is it not acceptable?

Sorry if these are basic/stupid questions. It’s my first time leasing, so any help would be appreciated.

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you need to understand the deal structure to get these. otherwise its just luck on your part and not understanding how much lower the dealer can go.


Probably better to not get a car then. Why tie yourself up to a loan when there is no need to . :smiley:


Hit up @Clutch . He has a better discount than you were working on.


Then find another car that meets that requirement.

  1. Your pre-incentive discount is around 15% off MSRP. You could try pushing for 20% off and see what the dealer says. Have you confirmed that you are getting the base MF?
  2. You could wait but someone could snatch the car from under you.
  3. You could do it if you have the cash to do so.
  4. You could ask the dealer if they can do one-pay. It should reduce the MF. There are other posts that discuss how MBFS handles one-pay in the event the car is totalled.
  5. Up to you, but since you stated you don’t need a car now then why even think you could get a higher MSRP EQS.

As others said. The pre-incentive discount seems a bit low and you can possibly push for more. One-pay should reduce the monthly considerably. If it doesn’t work, just walk away. It is not like you need the car and new deals pop up here all the time.


Yea I agree. I’ve been browsing and researching for a few days trying to learn the deal structures. What do you think I’m missing?

Pre-incentive discount

This is super helpful–thanks. Yes, I’m getting the base rate based on the numbers from Edmunds.

What’s the discount?

Will post more once signed


What do their numbers work out to per month? Do they match what they should?

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Huh? What makes you think this is not an amazing deal?

If they are offering you base MF and no BS dealer add-ons, then the deal looks good on paper. Have they shared the monthly payment and the amount due at signing with you?

700 + tax, 0 DAS


If that payment matches what you are expecting based on the numbers provided, then what else are you waiting for to sign?

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Grab it before someone snatches it.


0 DAS? just toss in 2k DAS there and you’re close to the 500’s - looks like an EXCELLENT deal

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My guess is 0 DAS really means taxes, fees, first month, etc…
If it is truly 500’s with 2k DAS, that would be out of control amazing!