Mercedes Benz E300 - Lease

I went through tons of topics and thanks to all for help. I’m fairly new to leasing.
i’m looking for 2017 Mercedes Benz E300 with Pkg1 or Pkg2. I’m in jersey city, NJ and can pick up in NYC / NJ or PA / CT. Looking for 36 month, 10K miles per year or 7.5k miles.
I’m planning on $0 down, max MSD and auto-pay.

What % off MSRP do you think is a GREAT deal? How do I get it. when i sent an email to one of dealers in Jersey, they just quoted me MSRP.

i have seen in multiple topics where people got over 15% off of MSRP.
is there something im doing wrong. i only sent emails. do i have to go in person? i thought i can get a good quote via email and i go in person to further knock it down.

anyone can poiny me to dealers who are more flexible near NYC.

thanks a lot.

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can anyone recomnend dealers near nyc

If I have read other posts correctly, New York law does not allow MSDs. You will need to focus on dealers in New Jersey.

According to what I’ve been seeing Cherry Hill is good.

thanks a lot. let me reach out to cherry hill

P1 or P2 just has a few variances. The P2 which comes with Intelligent Multi beam Lights, Massage Seats, Air Freshener Diffuser in the Glove Box, and Sun Shade. If you really don’t need those P1 would be ideal and cheaper of course.

Air freshner is a must have to cover up the stink of the high payments :slight_smile:


Let me preface this by saying that everyone’s experience is unique, but I cannot personally recommend Cherry Hill. I have heard more than a few negative things about that particular dealership (in both the sales and service areas). I would recommend that you reach out to Mercedes Benz of Atlantic City. They are affiliated with Fort Washington (PA) where I have had great experiences. Obviously you will want to cross shop any deal that either Cherry Hill or Atlantic City offer.
As for the E300, you are going to want to aim for at least 15% off MSRP. I posted a full break down of the E300 4Matic deal that I got on numerous other threads but the general idea is that the car had MSRP of $59,775 and the final price was $49,292.

thank you all. ill reach out to atlantic city also. union city guys got back to me. the best they can do is 8% off msrp. thats ridiculous.

i have nothing of interest in package 2 except for massage seats. is it worth it. can you get this feature as an add on to pkg 1.

Personally, I like the P2 (active seats and auto high beams are very nice to have). The rest is kind of fluff. Worth it to me, understandably not for many.

Is it good deal ?

[2017 Mercedes E-300 4 Matic. 1 package]

Retail Value: [$61,625]
Selling Price: [$52,000]
Processing Fee $300
Sales Tax $3,138
DMV Tag $413
Net Sales Price $55,851

Total Due At Signing: [$3,000]

Balance Remaining $52,851

Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$650]

Months: [48]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

City: [Ellicottcity in Maryland ]

What does this car have in addition to Premium 01 that is driving the MSRP up to 61k? An E300 4Matic with premium 01 should sticker for about 59,775. Does this car have the panoramic roof?
The discount seems reasonable but why 48 months? The sales tax is killer in Md and is driving your monthly cost way up.

Let me toot @BenzBuyer horn for him, he is being modest. This is one the best examples here on how to break down a deal to the dealer and just ask him to use your numbers. Don’t copy it verbatim, substitute your MSRP and then work the numbers into your MD tax

So I am not sure how MD killer taxes gets you from $430 to $650 and 48 months! Please do NOT do a 48 month lease.

How is total due at signing for $3,000 break down?

i wish i get that kind of discount in NJ. Spoke to couple of dealers. for 63k msrp the best they can do is 56.5k

i tried carvoy and got similar quote

Highly unlikely to have panoramic roof. Prob small items like illuminated star and comfort box

I am in a similar situation and also in NJ. Is this a good deal?

New 2017 E300 AWD
$0 Down, 0 MSD, No auto fleet discount
NJ based
$60,125 MSRP
$53,287 (11% off)
61% depreciation
$599 Monthly inclusive of taxes. Includes MB Auto Pay discount

Total due at signing $2549.11 ($599 1st payment, $895 bank fee, 329.50 DMV, 499 Doc fee, 213.11 Sup tax, 6.00 on line reg and 7.50 NJ Tire tax)

He did not give MF when asked but appears to be the appropriate .00116 if I back into it.

I’ve heard of people getting up to 15% off msrp but not sure if that is common without fleet discount.

Just to give some perspective. I have a '17 E300 P2 that had an MSRP of $63k and I did 36/12 with two 2 year maintenance for $585. I think they can do better.

Thanks. Any recommendations how to go about it?

One dealer flat out declined to even match that deal via email after several exchanges. I have another dealer working to beat it.

Should I press the original dealer again? ideally, I am thinking I can get this to $550 all in.

If your willing to come down to west chester, pa I’m sure my guy will get u best offer.

Shoot me a pm I’ll send u his contact info.

West Chester is the same affiliate as Fort Washington and Atlantic City. In my experience, West Chester cannot match deals that Fort Washington and AC can make (no idea why as again they are all affiliates). In the end, you are looking for a minimum of 15% below MSRP.