2017 Mercedes E300 lease deal $430 pm 36 / 10

Can you also PM the dealer information? I live near PA.

USAA Certs

Model Year 2017 Offers

  • Effective 3/1/2017 - 3/31/2017 (DDR must be reported by 3/31/2017)
    †MY17 smart ICE Coupe and Cab $500 incentive combinable with MBFS Special Lease or (B) $1,000 incentive
    combinable with special APR. Or © $1,500 is non-combinable incentive available for clients having
    their own source of funding.
    Member incentives available on all sedans/wagons/4MATIC All-Wheel-Drive models. All incentive amounts are subject to change without
    notice and should be confirmed with your dealer at the time of purchase.
    Mercedes-Benz B-Class (all)
    Incentive Amount
    Mercedes-Benz C-Class (all) $2,000
    Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (all) $500
    Model Year 2017 Offers (continued)
    Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class (all) $1,500
    Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class (all) $500
    Mercedes-Benz E-Class (cabriolet and coupe) $2,500
    Mercedes-Benz E-Class (sedan) $1,000
    Mercedes-Benz E-Class (wagon) $500
    Mercedes-Benz G-Class (all) $500
    Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (4matic SUV) $1,500
    Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (RWD SUV) $1,500
    Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (coupe) $500
    Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class (SUV) $500
    Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class (coupe) $500
    Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class (excludes 2017
    GLS350 BlueTEC)
    Mercedes-Benz S-Class (sedan) $4,500
    Mercedes-Benz S-Class (coupe and cabriolet) $500
    Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class (all) $1,500
    Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (all) $1,500
    Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Maybach (all) $500

Would you mind PM the dealer as well? This deal looks incredible and I live in the Philadelphia area. Thank you and much appreciated!

I close the deal tomorrow. As soon as I close the deal I will gladly reach out to everyone and provide the numbers. The specific dealer that I am working with does not seem overly willing to replicate this deal but it will be worth a shot. I can also tell you that 2 of other 4 dealers local to me said they could not even get close to these numbers (so I will tell you who they are too as to save you the time from reaching out to them). One other dealer seemed willing to do the $446/month with service deal but only on in-stock vehicles (their only in stock black E300 had light beige interior which I did not want).

interior preference is tough… I hope they’ll bring back the light gray. It makes the car bright inside even with a 30% tint.

Here are the final numbers for my deal:
2017 E300, 4Matic with Premium 1, heated steering wheel, burmester surround sound
MSRP $59,775
36 month / 10,000 miles per year

Payment is $429.99/month with $6446.00 due at signing. Base monthly is $394.49 plus $35.50 in tax per payment (PA)
Breakdown of the $6446.00 is as follows
$429 - First Months Payment
$795 - Acquisition Fee
$100.23 - Sales/Use Taxes
$4500 - Refundable Deposit
$51 - Title Fees
$108.15 - Registration Fees
$138.00 - Doc. Fee
$318.63 - Cap Cost Reduction

The reason that there is cap cost reduction is that I had agreed to $1955 due at signing (plus the additional $4500 in MSDs); however, after they worked the numbers some, they were able to reduce the out of pocket to $1,946 and still squeeze the $318.63 to go against the cap cost.

Gross Cap cost was $49,292.09 (17.5% below MSRP)
$318 in cap cost reduction made the Adjusted Cap Cost 48973.46
Residual is $36,462.75
So total depreciation to pay is $12,510.71
Rent Charge is $1,690.93
Total of Base Monthly Payments is $14,201.64

A $1,000 conquest cash certificate was applied to this deal. Not sure the requirements to get one.

I believe that is all of the numbers that every should need to try to replicate the deal.
I understand that discussing dealer names in generally frowned upon so if anyone wants to know the dealer, send me a message. The salesman said that they would not replicate this deal, but perhaps someone could get a match. I was able to get a match to this deal at another MB dealer but they would only do the match on an in-stock E300 and I had to add the $17/month service package.
Let me know if anyone needs any additional information.


What state was the dealer?

PA, suburban Philadelphia

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Hi, can you tell me the dealer / dealer I can match it in PA. I’m in West Chester, PA. There is a dealer here in West Chester, PA not sure if they will match it.

West Chester would not match. The salesman I spoke with was very nice but they were simply unable to do the deal. The dealer that was willing to do the deal at 446 (which included the maintenance package) was Keenan in Doylestown. They said it had to be an in-stock car and they only had one car at the $59,775 sticker (not sure if they still do). Knopf (Allentown) and West Chester could not match. Fort Washington sold me my car. I did not reach out to Cherry Hill (the only other “local” dealer).
So far I love the car but it will take a long while to acclimate with how to use everything. Its a bit overwhelming.


I was able to secure $420 / month deal today including three services for 36 months :slight_smile:

Thank you all.

PM me if you need dealer info.

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@rockingninja congrats. how much did you pay when you sign it?

It would be helpful to all if you posted a full breakdown of selling price, incentives, MSRP, RV, MF, etc. and a breakdown of the amount due at signing just like the other poster did.

great deal! congrats!

Excellent deals both of you rockingninja and benzbuyer. Seems like 400 should be doable with lots of luck. Definitely this is the month to lease an eclass. This is leasing better than equivalent BMW.

How do you find out if its in stock?

Call or email them with the stock number.

I’m fairly certain that was the one they had/have in stock when I talked to them. It has the light tan interior which I did not want (personal preference, nothing wrong with the color as a whole).

E300 sports package, premix 1, heater steering , sound system