Mercedes Benz E300 - Lease

Benzbuyer not same in my case ft Washington didn’t want to match while west chester did.

Why don’t yout share your rep contact info…I will as long you pm me…

I went back to the dealer and they offer a slightly lower payment on higher priced car:

MSRP: $61,275
36/10k: $589/mo inc taxes
36/7.5k: $571/ mo inc taxes

Is this essentially them knocking off $1000? Is this a good deal?

I think this is about 12-13% off. I do not think any dealers were willing to go down to 15% but ultimately I care about the monthly and getting the car I want. This has about both. Just want to make sure I’m not getting hosed.

can you give me contact of your dealer

Are you doing MSD and direct deposit?

No. But considering it get even lower payment.

Did you get the fleet discount?

Not taking advantage of msd & auto payment is not smart.

No fleet discount. This is only with auto pay.

Will probably do MSD as well but that was not considered in my numbers above.

Manhattan MB is the only factory owned dealership in the United States. Ask for Glen, Tell him Dan who ordered the new Toyota Camry recommended him. He’s really good.

Is the msd really worth it? I was told u can’t do a early turn it with that.

Yes, doing MSDs is a no brainer and does not affect early turn-in any differently.

tried few dealers: manhattan, couple in NJ. no one is willing to lower than 6-8% off msrp. its amazing how folks are getting 15 to 20% off on e300. im flexible on colors, config, etc

i spoke to sales mgr at englewood. he claims they get the car at 12 or 12.5% off msrp and if they give 15% they are paying to drive the car.

i would assume he is lying given so many people are getting over 12% discount.

any help pls

I was looking for something and found this, this morning don’t know if it is still valid as it says until May 1st but never seen it this low.

If you ask them, no car dealer has every made any money on any car deal they have ever done - Its a fact.

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That requires $3700 in CCR. Not a good deal.

Jon, I think your missing my point. I use these national offers as reference points. I never put anything down but I try and mimic the deal with all available tools.

Why not use as reference deals that have already been done by several people on here (~$430/month with no CCR)?

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Plus this is for a 53k MSRP E class, the lowest of the lowly equipped ones.

Well that link has already been referenced above. So if I am justifying my post, I was just pointing out that I recently saw this listed. Whoever is on this thread that would consider putting down $3700 in CCR well then your obviously doing it wrong.

No one can compete with @vhooloo on screenshots of ridiculous deals. But even he gets it way off, sometimes :slight_smile:

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