MB 2018 C300 Sedan Loaner (SOCAL ONLY) $270 monthly! $1651 DAS. MSDs required



Mine was without Fleet incentive.


As was mine.


Did you post that deal? I’d be curious to see the numbers. It will help to know how the MB leases are working as I go for another this month.


Where are you located? I do broker these deals obviously, im more than happy to help out.


Dude, I’m asking because I don’t believe you got a sub .6 deal on a C300 earlier this year without PenFed. I’m talking all-in $0das including tax payments.


It was roughly $320 with $0DAS including tax and max MSD. I also got first two services for free from dealer. It was also a 24/10, 36/10 would have been cheaper.

Believe me or dont, doesn’t matter to me.


I just checked your history. That ~234/mo plus tax and 734 das? Yeah thats much closer to the deal I passed up. In your posts you usually have 1-1.8k in drives which makes the payments look good, but I don’t even consider not doing $0DAS anymore. End up paying like $40 more over the term by rolling everything in but have 0 liability if you get totaled(god forbid).

Im impressed with that c300 deal in march then! Without Fleet too!? Spankin deal. I’m in the middle of attempting to get a 320i at $190/mo $0 DAS right now.


Thanks - keep in mind no one does $0 DAS for the most part. Does not matter imho, its about the cost of lease at the end of the day. A starbucks coffee here or there shouldn’t hinder the amount of interest one is or isn’t paying.


What do you mean? This website nearly preaches to pay as little money upfront as possible on a lease. As you said, you shouldn’t put money down to save a few starbucks coffees worth of money. Anyway. I’ve successfully negotiated WELL under 1% rule three times so far and do it for free to help friends, but I’m thinking of making this a side gig as I have long vacation times(Teacher). I may PM you to see how you’re liking it.


hey pmed you. lmk


Are these deals still available?


Any available stock!??


PM me your information guys to talk…


I like your listed price up here but when i got a reply the only thing i got included 9000+ miles which is crazy high.


Was it still $270/mo? 9000 is high, but MB has a 4 year warranty, and as long as it’s taken care of, a MB with leather will keep it’s new car smell for 2-3 years.


Most people living in SoCal should be interested in at least adaptive cruise control. 90% of your driving time is going to be in stop and go traffic. People who turn a blind eye to that technology are nuts. Beyond making commutes comfortable, the reduced collision rate and insurance benefits of semi-autonomous cars are a no-brainer.

If its standard on all Hondas, it should be start becoming normal in luxury brands. No excuses. You don’t have to use it, but it should be standard.


I drive in a major metro area, and have no interest in it. SoCal isn’t the only area of the country with traffic.


You know everyone’s drive? :man_facepalming:

I have an RX350 with that feature and have never used it.


Maybe you should give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe came off a little aggressive. Main point being: there should be a huge push towards commonplace autonomy in luxury brands. I can’t understand why a 40k+ car wouldn’t have features that are standard, or at least very cheap to tack on 20k cars.