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I mean he is stating “everyone in SoCal”. His statement might be a bit extreme but I driven in cars with acc and it makes driving on the 405 a breeze. I wouldn’t compare SoCal traffic to other metro area’s traffic because I really believe that we are uniquely positioned, with our combination of a st ton of cars and a st ton of bad drivers, as one of the worst places to drive during peak traffic times in the country. Honestly though, I think acc and blind spot protection makes driving easier and safer and I believe that these two features alone should be standard on all vehicles. Just like backup cameras I think this will happen in the coming future. Disclosure as a consultant I’ve traveled to a lot of metro areas in the US so I have a lot of exposure to highway driving.


I’ve driven in SoCal. It’s no different than driving around NYC, DC, Philly etc.


I mean I think it’s different but then again this is all a matter of perspective so we might never agree. One thing I will say is that North Eastern drivers absolutely don’t give a fuck and are particularly impatient, which is an obvious cultural difference.


I think SoCal traffic is safer because of the reasons you say, and also the highway layout was largely planned ahead of time, during the age of cars. Biggest issue in socal is simply the sheer volume of cars.

In the Northeast none of the roads make any sense because they’ve had to try to retrofit roads and highways to the existing 1700 & 1800s cityscapes. Boston area might be the worst.


honestly, I might actually have to change my stance and say yeah you’re right. Socal traffic is better planned and we do have great highways, we just have sooooo many cars and no matter the amount of times they widen our highways our traffic still moves at a snails pace during peak time. I just wish that we had an existing viable public transport system on top of our good roads and highways.


Do you have these C300 loaners available still? May I use a Mercedes Silver Star $1,000 certificate? Thanks.


Pm him like he asked in his first post.

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