MB 2018 C300 Sedan Loaner (SOCAL ONLY) $270 monthly! $1651 DAS. MSDs required



I have 3 CARS AVAILABLE! All have a small difference in MSRP and monthly payments. Note, if you purchase/lease either car or any other vehicle from my dealer you will need to pay me $100 amazon card broker fee. Last couple deals the buyers did not want to pay me which is why i have been reluctant to post.

Ill only respond to those who PM me their name/number. SOCAL only.

2018 Mercedes C300 Sedan loaner
**MSRP: $42345
**Monthly Payment: $269
**Drive-Off Amount: $1647
**Annual Mileage:10k
**MF:.00032. MSD of only $1400!
**Available Incentives:FLEET included. Add $15 per month if no fleet
**Leasehackr Score:12+
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

2018 C300 Polar White on Beige.
Smart phone integration, LED logo projectors, & Keyless Go

2018 C300 Brilliant Blue Metallic on Crystal Grey.
Blindspot & smart phone integration

2018 C300 Lunar Blue Metallic on Silk Beige.
Smart phone integration, LED logo projectors, & Keyless Go

I have sold dozens of cars here. PM me name and number, socal only. I will not respond otherwise. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY


A few a-holes are always ruining it for everybody. $100 amazon gift card as a broker fee for these insanely good deals are amazing. Hopefully you get some solid hackrs for these loaners.


do u have anything besides C class?


take upfront payment before you do anything, weeds out the people who are just going to jerk you around and/or not pay you.


Yeah I agree! I may do that sooner than later

Deals are still available and only good until end of month!!!



Hi there
Pm’ed you. Thanks.


Probably best not to throw you info out there like this. Consider sending a private message.


how can i do it privately?


Click his name to go to his profile, then click message


I vouch for OP. Pay up everyone and don’t waste a good hackr ‘s time.


I’m interested What now?


You spend more than 3 minutes on the forum reading, learning and interacting so that your account is recognized as a non-spam account. And then you receive the privilege to send a private message to OP.


Fly down, one way ticket and Uber cost less than $100 sometimes. You don’t have to return to the same dealer.


Hi! Are any of these cars still available?


All four cars have been sold!!

I have two more available, black on black and white on black.

PM me if interested


Sorry, too late. I needed a car b/c my old one needed repairs, so I just bought a Golf Sportwagen. Thanks, though.


I’m interested


which option does it have the one you have left?

and if I wanted to do 12k how much would it be extra?


As discussed pm me your name and number…


Why can’t I get these like this on easy coast ??? Makes no senseeeee