MB 2018 C300 Sedan Loaner (SOCAL ONLY) $270 monthly! $1651 DAS. MSDs required



You can’t really get them in LA, either, IMHO. I contacted about multiple dealerships over 2 wks and could could barely get them to respond. The ones that did weren’t offering anything close to this kind of deal (and would only let you do 2 MSDs, if they even responded to the question about MSDs at all!).


Uhh, these deals are in SoCal. Just because you couldn’t negotiate a deal doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Why not contact @bmms8 if you really are looking for one?


Insane deal! $100 GC is a gift for both parties in this case. For those who may need a comparison to advertised “specials.”


pm sent 202020


Thanks for all the love guys!

Still waiting to get paid on some deals… :man_facepalming:


Nothing with adaptive cruise control?


That’s exactly why I would be hesitant to flop on one of these deals… blind spot and adaptive cruise is standard on some Hondas these days…but BMW and Mercedes still think blind spot should be a la carte. Amazing!! I’m still in the pondering stages as a I consider this deal or a QX60 with VPP deal a car for extra mileage and to leave at the train station.


Not everyone wants and/or cares about these features either. I’d rather it be a la carte tbh.


Interested. Assuming you don’t have any in stock.


Most of the MB loaners I looked at seemed to include blind spot either a la carte or as part of the Premium 1 package.


It’s an effin compact sedan with no major blind spots.


You would be surprised but even the Encore has blind spots for some :smile:


The EPA may categorize it as compact sedan, but there’s nothing compact about the exterior dimensions. It’s the same size as 300E from the mid 1980s.


i live in vegas…cant find a demo/loaner for under 400 a month on the c300…any help would be appreciated


if only this deal was available in nor cal :frowning:


Did anyone ever need blind spot monitoring for a 1980s E-class, eg a W123 model? And the greenhouse on this car is just as good so what’s your point? That this car is too big to drive without BSM?


Really? With that logic, does anyone need daytime running lights, power windows or locks? No, but in 2018 there’s certain features that you expect on a $35k car if available on much cheaper cars. I think it’s fair. I hate that a lot of 3 series don’t have heated seats in SoCal


You mean the W124 that was introduced in the mid 1980s? The W123 dates back to the 1970s.

I’ll assume you haven’t driven either a modern C-Class or a 1980s E-Class? I’ve driven both extensively, and the current C-Class took a huge step backward in terms of glass space and visibility from the W204, and even the W124 had visibility issues (when it was my primary car, I remember wishing for a rear view camera, even though such technology didn’t exist yet).

I was just pointing out that the C-Class isn’t a compact car, in terms of exterior dimensions.

If someone here is being confusing, perhaps it’s you?


These are fair deals, but as a leasehackr I’m not impressed. I had a C300 with similar MSRP last december for ~290/mo $0 DAS max MSD (4000) and that was including tax. I can’t remember the exact MSRP and payment, but it was a near base loaner with over 6k miles and the payment for a 36/10 was for sure under 300 all-in. I jumped on a 24 month 330i lease instead when I got one for cheaper than the Benz and No MSD though.


Lol - I was able to score a better deal than you sir earlier this year on a C300. That doesn’t mean who ever got the best deal sets a new benchmark…