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I don’t think Costco Volvo returns until Q4.

I think in general: incentives drop and MFs go up (hopefully residuals stay or go up).

Other predictions?

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With forthcoming inventory shortages, I really do expect the market to reduce discounts severely. If you think this is bad…



I was going to chime in - shouldn’t lessors/banks/captives reevaluate the RV’s for their deals? With the used market… or not enough consistent and stable data?

@RVguy any thoughts or discussions on the business side? I would think more corrections or adjustments should be coming on the backend

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price of hybrids and electric cars go up; gas powered cars = fire sale

I think this is the start of a very bad season for car leasing; inventories are going to get only smaller. Lower discounts, lower rebates.

Tyler Hoover mentioned that dealers near him have started parking their cars diagonally on the lot in order to make them look fuller. Anyone seen anything like that going on?


100%. Parking diagonally, filling up showroom floors less efficiently, pulling all cars from backlots upfront, etc.


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Its great that for the most part, Porsche’s programs are quarterly. Keeps surprises pretty low. But not he best time for deal hunting when new car inventory is dwindling.

When I was at BMW last spring and summer, we parked everything diagonally. Had 3 series taking up 2 spots and X7s taking up 3. Sales employees even parked our personal cars and auction cars up front too since there were still empty spots.

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There’s definitely some bs out there about inventories, not every make and model is short. There’s some over flow lots (aka empty parking lots) that dealers use to store inventory and I’ve noticed cars in a lot that usually only has trade ins. Now this lot has new cars, specially Honda CRV’s




Most of my dealers have drastically increased their pricing this week… you aren’t going to have a good time if you didn’t like April pricing and are waiting for better deals in May :grimacing:


And the flip side is when inventories come up, dealers will still play the low inventory card and insist you make a deal now before that unit is gone

My prediction: We will be able to flip our leases for 10k equity


And drive what in the meantime? Not too many people have extra cars lying around just for shits and giggles.

Long term rental from hertz if they are still open

I thought so too but then if you look at it you will realize the real world value doesn’t change much.

If you Raise the residual to 70% and its worth 60% in 3 years then they take a bath. Which will happen because values will eventually stabilize, maybe not tomorrow or this year, but at some point it will.

Add to the fact that they have little inventory to sell in the first place and you will see most captives are raising the mf.

Last month when I was shopping f150s it was 2.77% for a 36/10, now it’s 4.1%. Effective change of roughly $58-$80/mo higher.

From the whispers, there seem to be some folks who are waiting for the 6 month mark to unload their camaros and others who are wanting to sell their E-Trons to carvana

Have you looked at rental rates recently? Unless you have a pre negotiated price through work the rates are insane now.

Hey, there’s always U-Haul…