March VW and Subaru Hacker Deals: SOCAL

I love V4’s, a bit hard to find though, Saab 96 comes to mind


Are you getting any Jetta GLIs?

I’m sure @rubbergash will know better for his dealer, but my understanding from my local contact is that the initial shipment of GLIs is 2 per dealer of the 35th anniversary model - one manual and one DSG. I would assume short supply for a while.

I have those 2 exact GLI’s about to reach the dealer!

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Does VW do 1 pay? Specifically for the e-Golf 30 month, 7500 mile lease?

Rubbergash could you please put up the numbers for a WRX with automatic?
Preferably the highest trim level, if I can’t lease Golf R maybe this would suffice :smiley:

OK, It’s up there for you. I only have 1.

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Some of old farts don’t drive much.

Is buy rate .0006 on 3.6 outback?

Hackermania has hit SOCAL. Several New Deals up on the sheet including a Passat Wolfsburg Edition and an Atlas SE w Tech package.

We are on track to have our best Hacker Month Ever. Don’t Delay on these deals. I have no E-golfs on the ground but I was able to get VW to put an additional 4 into my inventory, and they are on the way.

See the deals here: VW and Subaru SOCAL Hacker Deals

If you are in SOCAL and need a VW or Subaru, please hit me up.

Call or Text me to set up an appointment.


Your GLI Manual is on the ground today.

Any idea when will the VW Arteon be coming to the US?

@sakhem Welcome to Leasehackr. The Arteon has been delayed until the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Thank you.

Hey Dustin, any 5-door Impreza w/CVT and EyeSight?


Do you deliver to the Los Angeles area?

We dont deliver Hacker deals.

Just shot you a text

I’m guessing that’s no?

What the dealio?

What I mean is, can I assume similar discount as the base model in your sheet?