2019 VW Atlas SE w/Tech

How is this deal? 9% off MSRP, just .1% over the 1% rule. But the calculator score, that’s another story.

3.6 SE FWD w/Tech
MSRP $41250.00
Invoice $39,432.00
Selling price $36,999
RV is 52% ($21450.00)@ 39 months, 12K miles per year
$700 drive-offs
$457/month + tax

wasnt quite sure how to do the calculator; i put in 38 months because of the first month rebate and it seems to come out pretty close, off by $5/month pre-tax.

Did you look up the lease cash on edmunds? That 9% isn’t all discount. Looks like $1375 for the lease cash

Are you saying the selling price should be lower? I tried to get them to go lower and they said no.

According to TrueCar, the average selling price for an Atlas SE w/ Tech is $36,500, so you got the average “discount.” Approx 30% of sales got discounts that brought the price of the car closer to $34,500.

If you’ve already taken delivery and signed on the dotted line, there’s not much you can do now; just enjoy the vehicle.

Not yet, still shopping!

I asked what difference it would be if I purchased and the dealer said “roughly $400 more if we used VW’s special rates,” not entirely sure what he meant by that…interest?

Also check if you qualify for the partner program, that’s another $500

Do not qualify for the PP unfortunately, and rubber does not have the model I’m looking for :frowning:

Don’t you have to pay the fourth year of registration in Cali if you do a 39 mo? Just something to consider, I doubt 36 mo is that much more. The only other thing to consider would be an Acadia or Traverse they seem to be leasing well this month, your close to $500/mo for a $41k SUV with tax

Ah, did not think about registration. We havent looked at Chevy, so far we tested the pilot, ascent, and highlander and we weren’t overly impressed.

I’ll check out the Traverse and Acadia.

I threw those out there because I assume you want something on the larger side, the atlas is pretty big.

Yeah. The other 4 (MDX also) that we tested had practically no cargo space with the 3rd row up.

Aren’t they all like that unless you go true full size like Suburban, Expedition etc?

Pretty much

Uber is definetly a partner program but I had a dealer back out on a Tiguan Lease saying VW won’t give out the $500, not sure if that’s true or not. Any idea? Thanks!

Not the atlas IMO…and it looks like the traverse neither

Hi, this is an email I got from a dealer. Thoughts? Can I do better?

So for 12k -0- down, all fees rolled into payments for 39 months your looking at $500.64 out the door.

This Deep Black Pearl Atlas with black interior, SE w/tech 4motion, 20" silver wheels, captains chairs, towing pkg, mat kit, vw care MSRP is $42,759.00 WITH THE SIGN THEN DRIVE event

We are selling it to you for $36,936.00, thats 5823.00 off!

looks better than the deal that i posted. just remember you’ll be paying a whole year’s registration for those extra 3 months.