March VW and Subaru Hacker Deals: SOCAL Chill Brah.

No you won’t…it’s less than 30mo. Do you have the 30mo or 36mo equivalent?
“Original lease terms of at least 30 months are required for program eligibility.”


There is no CVRP for a 24-month lease.

What do the numbers look like on a 30 or 36-month lease?


I edited my post. Check with the state regarding any refunds.

So your 36mo is the same as it was? 1370 and 266/mo?

No the payment goes down.

These are the approximate 30-month, 7,500 mile/year numbers assuming same discount. I adjusted for $3,500 drive-off:

It’s a really good deal.


I have my doubts that he can do that…but i hear he is a great guy so who knows. :slight_smile:

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I am putting a 30 Month Lease Up now. Should be able to be combined with the State Rebates.

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It’s up there.

Have a look: VW and Subaru SOCAL Hacker Deals.

Call or Text me to set up an appointment.



Expect a call tomorrow to go over numbers, I can pick up Sun. What colors do you have?

If it’s $1275 total out pocket, $214 plus tax 30mo and I get the $2500 CA rebate, I WILL TAKE IT. Let me know color choices and how much more for 10k miles.


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I have black in stock and grey on the way.

which grey? how much more for 10k 30 or 36mo?

Urano Grey is set to hit any day. I just talked to VW and they are going to shoot me over 5 more. We want to accommodate all the hackers. I don’t have color info on those units. I’m not in the office yet but figure Approx. $12 more per month for 10K.

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I want the Urano grey. 10k. In Los Angeles and can drive down whenever you have a vin.

I have a VIN but no car yet. I can let you know when it hits (This week) but it will be on a first come basis.

@rubbergash can you put these on the spreadsheet

Atlas SE w/Tech
Atlas SEL (already includes tech, right?)

how much would 4motion add?


Is the 2019 Atlas S 4Motion listed on your spreadsheet V6 or V4?

It is the V6.