March VW and Subaru Hacker Deals: SOCAL

Just getting the March Sheet Going. If you need a VW or a Subaru and are in SOCAL let me know and I will put numbers together for you. SOCAL Hackers get the best deals, and the process is very simple. You will see our deals on a spreadsheet. If you like the deals, you can come down to the dealership and be in and out in approx 90 mins. If you don’t see what you like on the spreadsheet, let me know and I can work up a lease for you. Got a quote from someone else (in writing) , and we can almost always beat it.

The sweet spot is Tiguan S for sure. Get them while they last.

VW will make your first payment for you so the Drive Offs are Very Low!!!

See the Deals Here: VW and Subaru SOCAL Hacker Deals

Call or Text me to set up an appointment:



What is the MF this month?
Just trying napking math for that Tiguan S FWD. $20k sale price minus $14k residual = $6k for 36 month.
That should be $168 per months. Taxes not includes as per doc posted. So how does it get to $210?
Just trying to understand the math what else is in that payment.

Would you like to lease a Tiguan or do you just want the MF?


Can you add 10k miles to your spreadsheet for Tiguan?


Tiguan went up 10 bucks this month

When people lease a vehicle, they like to lease the vehicle knowing what portion of the lease is a result of the money factor. I surely wouldn’t lease a car from a dealer refusing to tell me the money factor, even if it’s a “great deal.” That’s just off.

If you want specifics go to edmunds, it’s been mentioned a million times. I’m sure @rubbergash would be happy to show you all the numbers if you are actually in cali and might buy a car from him. The deals he posts from what i can tell are legit. His info benefits everyone, but don’t waste his time if you have no intentions of buying from him.


No it did not go up $10. The Drive offs are $500 less, so the deal is actually better.


I don’t see any outback on the sheet. Can you update?

I can update on Monday. Which Model?

I can’t lease from you since in completely opposite side of the continent. But trying to reverse engeener for my own self and see how much is related to state specific things like dvm, tax, docs that won’t apply to me. Possible it won’t be replicable at all but that’s so far the only straight info on VW on this forum.

I have Jetta lease coming to end so gathering info to be prepared.

As far as I know Edmund doesn’t have all info first day of the months.
Second I’m analyzing this deal for my own information and this deal can be setup with different MF other than standard but rate provided by Edmunds.
Third I didn’t say or not imply his deal is fraud. I’m trying to reverse engender it for myself.
Fourth since when are we not allowed to ask brokers for education/clarification even if we won’t lease from them? There are plenty of brokers /dealers giving back to the community over and above without “only if you lease from I will talk you”.
I’m sure he didn’t need your protection and can tell me himself if he doesn’t have time to answer questions for those who won’t be buying from him. I will and everyone else will fully note that for future reference and we will go our separate merry ways if that’s the case.

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Honest question… Why are cars like these even offered with 7,500 mile leases? I would imagine anyone leasing these cars will be using them as daily drivers.

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I have my Jetta as commuter and only got 22k miles in 3 years. So 7,5k would be enough for me if that gets me lower price.

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As far as I can tell, @rubbergash marks up the MF to the max, but offsets that with a lower selling price. No idea why he won’t admit this or disclose it; just creates recurring confusion for users here.

And there’s nothing wrong with inflating the MF and offsetting it with a lower selling price. A good deal is a good deal regardless of how the sausage is made.


All my leases are at BUY RATE. We used to mark up the MF and discount the vehicles, but the hackers could not handle it, even if it was to their benefit. So for the last 6 months ALL of our deals are at BUY RATE.


And I didn’t say if it’s wrong or not. Again, I’m trying to understand the math for my own benefit without dispensing judgment good/bad/etc.
I know he has been here for awhile and provides deals for those who seek Subaru’s and VW but only in CA.
Unfortunately for me he is the only one who posts here such details for VW leases. And I check his deal doc periodically just to be in know what’s out there.
And I’m aware I most likely won’t replicate same in North East even for the reason that Tigual FWD almost doesn’t exist here in inventory.
But still $210 for $27k Tiguan is really interesting and I’m very curious how the full math pan out and if I can replicate anything close here since I have only 3 months left on the lease. Because that’s sale price is quite something that I have not seen around.

Well when you buy your Tiguan today, since it’s sounds like you’re in a rush, post it into the trophy garage. I’m assuming you’ve got the info from edmunds now. But in three months who knows what the program will be

Apologies if this has been discussed before. These are good numbers. Can you lease to other states other than Cal?

Until it was stated explicitly above that buy rate was used no one publicly here knew that.
Are we supposed to assume dealer/broker is using buy rate or aren’t we telling everyone here to check dealer rate against Edmunds info?
I’m happy that other sales people and dealers on this forum aren’t following your logic and able to spend their time answering questions even if that isn’t a direct sale.