March VW and Subaru Hacker Deals: SOCAL

Any Subaru WRX 6MT Limited? If so, price please.


Not sure if you saw my previous message but can you post numbers on the Forester please?

There are many different types of Foresters.

Sorry. The base forester with 10k or 12k miles for 36 months please.

@rubbergash What does the drive off number include or not include (e.g. tax, acquisition fee, registration). I tried searching your previous posts but could not find any info. Thanks.

Could you please put a line for 12k miles per year for the base outback?

Add $8 for 12k

The driveoff is your total out of pocket. Call or text me to set an appointment.

Tax included? If so what number did you use?

The drive offs include Tax on the first payment only. ALL PAYMENTS are listed NOT INCLUDING TAX.

do the offers take into account this thing?

Yes. The rebate is VW making your first payment. My deals smash these deals.

Hi Rubbergash,

Could you please post numbers for Crosstrek base & base with Eyesight? 36/12


Would be interested to see the numbers on the new Jetta GLI, especially with a 6MT.

Its not available yet.

@rubbergash Now that the $35k Tesla Model 3 is available to purchase with double the range for the same price, will we be seeing some innovative leasing deals on the e-Golf SEL?

Can you please provide a lease breakdown for a 2019 Atlas SE V6, with and without 4motion?

Thank you!

When you have decided on a vehicle let me know.

The deals got $1500 better this month. What can you lease a Tesla for?

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We don’t know. Why don’t you post it on your sheet? :slight_smile: