March VW and Subaru Hacker Deals: SOCAL

LOL that’s a good one…
You can lease a lovely model S for $1000 a month with 10k down.


Hi Dustin, how about for the Subaru 2019 WRX limited automatic one. Can you get me the best qoute for it? Thank you

Hey Dustin can you add Tiguan SEL R Line 4 Motion 36/12k? Thanks!

Can you add an Outback Limited with moonroof/LED option pack?

LOL! Well you can’t lease a model 3 yet. But I was wondering if VW was going to be moving more e-Golfs with aggressive leasing options.

Last year each month (except Dec) they sold 200 or less units on the US market. It’s save to say they are in no hurry to offer anything and could not care less if they don’t move them.

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I hadn’t realized the e-Golf’s were back anyway! I thought they were done in the US in the last model year. I’m sad that VW won’t give us the GTE over here.

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Yeah the 2019’s are out, a $200 lease would be sweet on the SEL: it has the GTI-esque aero treatment to the front fascia. Interior has the virtual cockpit , 9.2" touchscreen with hand gesture control and phenom golf driving dynamics - all standard:

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Interested in a Outback 3.6 touring lease please let me know 12k yr min drive off of course

FYI… Don’t ask Rubbergash for numbers on 2 cars, he assumes you are NOT serious or a buyer.


I had the same problem :scream:

5 passenger vs 8 passenger. 4 cyl vs 6 cyl. These are big decisions. Just let me know when you have made a decision…

The accent touring I asked for numbers on is a 7 seater not 8

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I get that there are some ‘tire kickers’ here but generally I would also prefer to see the numbers on a couple of different models or variants of the same model - especially as one nearly always leases better than the other. It’s just due diligence.


Hackermania is here! You take one day off and your thread goes crazy. These deals are hot. Come and get them!

See the deals here: VW and Subaru Hacker Deals SOCAL

Call or Text me to set up an appointment.


Mo’ views mo’ money! Are you pretending to complain?
Come on man, drop that eGolf lease a little…

Here’s my challenge for you. Contact all the VW dealers you can and see if you can beat my deal. I sell VW’s for sport.

Let me know what you come up with. The deal on the spreadsheet is a $1000 bleeder, and it’s only for the hackers.

San Fran included? I’m pretty sure i can find better…question is so what?..will you beat them?

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I’m not going to compete with other regions as the incentives differ. If you beat my deal I will not match it or beat it, as I am ALL IN on the spreadsheet. I have 3 in stock.

Can you add an Outback Premium to the sheet please.