March Deals for New England Clients! Subaru, Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo

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Hey Folks!

I’m going to consolidate a variety of deals into this thread later today, but if you’re in New England and looking to close a deal before end of March, please reach out.

I am taking on a new role in the startup world on April 1, and would like to broker as many deals as I can before then, when I assume the number of clients I can take on will be limited compared to today.

The hottest deals in New England right now are definitely on Toyota products, especially the Tacoma and 4Runner, as well as any and all Land Rover and Jaguar products. The Volvo XC90 T6 inscription and T5 R-Design are also leasing beautifully.

Subie deals are also strong for Newengland clients.

I will respect your time if you respect mine, so please let me know if I can help! Would love to have a strong second half of March.

LR and Jag deals are open to NJ and NY customers as well. Toyota is limited to New England.

Thanks all!


How about some teaser rates on XC90 Inscriptions!

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Hey Mike, if you have any Jagwag deals, do let me know

It’s funny…every time I’ve posted one no one jumps on it! Lol

Re example-

2019 T6 Inscription
MSRP 74xxx
$622/Month plus Tax
DAS-10 MSDs plus upfronts (first, dealer, acq, reg, title)

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Is Volvo limited to New England? Are the XC90 T6 Momentums leasing beautifully as well?
I’m in NJ.

Lol. They’re good but the inscription has the big $4K rebate

Does Land Rover have any pull ahead? Have an RX going back in August and would love to jump on these 2018s.

Pull ahead is only within the same brand :slight_smile:

Forget about SUVs – how are we looking on the S60 or possibly a V60? :wink: Is the S60 still at the same ridiculous MF (0.00082)? It is sooooo expensive! I’m in a 2017 S60 coming due in a few months, so I can move whenever the deal is right.

Ha!-I dont think we can say much about the V60 in terms of price. I’m sure we all know how exciting that will be. Maybe @Ursus would like to weigh in.

If you’d like to discuss an S60, I’d be more than happy to!

Shoot me a PM, preferred terms, location, and car of course.

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Under 2% is better than many these days.


Agree-that actually sounds quite good to me!

@Bostoncarconcierge @mp11477 I know, but I’m used to soooo much lower! It’s $50 or $60 a month for that, which is just blowing my mind. I’ve paid $5 a month for rent charges! My MF now is 0.00015 - 0.36%.

That’s really good!

I am not leasing now but can someone from MD use deals in New England if willing to come pick up the vehicle.


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If you need S60 now - go to VA/MD. Volvo added cash twice there this month. Now it’s $1,750 plus $1,250 loyalty (my guess is it is for S60-to-S60).


I don’t see you posted Volvo deals by the way. I am thinking of leasing XC60 or XC90 after 2-3 months

S60 is a very nice car but I need AWD SUV as I am moving to cold and snowy area this summer.