(New England) 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Premium MSRP $24870 39M/12K $245/Month + Tax and $1275 DAS

Lol I see you’ve gone down this road.

Thanks man

Just updated my post with the ‘wide variety’ of cars he’s asked for dealer details pricing/gotten quotes on/posted about/asked me about


LMFAO nice work

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Now stop wasting people’s time.


You dont have to be rude … even if im not buying … its a genuine question anyone will ask

He’s a professional unicorn chaser


Exactly cause unicorns don’t exist. :joy::joy::joy:

If you ask a broker a question about a car… with zero intention to buy… that is what is rude as you are essentially saying that you don’t value their time

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So if i walk into a dealership and ask a cars price without the intention of buying … im not wasting his time, hes there to sell cars so he’ll do anything to make me want to purchase not kick me out … same as you guys … you answer questions in the hope of getting a buyer … not everyone comes here ready to lease … some are ready and some are just looking to see if anything catches their eye … just like my quest to find the perfect unicorn car

Here’s a tip. You will never get a unicorn from a broker.

They are hiding in plain site.

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You are wasting his time (and clearly don’t know what working off of commission means)… he could be working with someone that actually wants to buy a car.

You ask questions giving off the impression that you are interested to buy… when in reality you aren’t.

I can guarantee you if you told him from the start you don’t want to buy anything he won’t assist you. You have ZERO respect for people, their time, and livelyhood.


What’s your definition of “the perfect unicorn car”?

That to me sounds like something you will never find because it’s arbitrary and based on feeling and intangibles.


Is this for one particular unit or are you able to repeat this? Also, I’m nowhere near New England. For an 11% discount I would pay cash for a crosstrek w/ eyesight (which this one doesn’t have)

And for the record, I’m looking for a small SUV/crossover for the child - the Sierra 1500 is for myself. (Don’t wanna get sniped for being a chaser!)

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haha no worries!

I can repeat this with 11-12% no problem, at least in New England.

Happy to try in your local area for a broker fee (if successful).

Oh hell yes

I just shot you a PM but a good friend of mine manages a dealer in Houston, TX.

I’d love to give him the business if that’s not too much of a pain!

haha, the story of my life.

Bump as these are still available in any color!

Still one more month left of winter. Let’s move some Subies!

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