(New England) 2019 Subaru Impreza Hatchback Premium 12% Off! MSRP: $25,857 - 36M/10K $260/month + Tax -TRUE SIGN AND DRIVE $0 DUE

2019 Impreza Premium Wagon
MSRP $25857
Sale Price 22742
$260 + Tax
$0 Drive Offs

Equipped w great safety options and roof!


Not a wagon, it’s a hatch :slight_smile:

Same same but different.

Nah, don’t insult wagons.

I take it you’ve never been to east Asia

We are not there and even Subaru doesn’t call it a wagon. Just ask your Sportbrake

Failed reference. Someone will get it.

Either way, let’s sell it!

Came from east Asia… can confirm this is not a wagon…


I’m talking about my comment, “same same but different.”

I studied abroad in Vietnam and that was a big thing in the markets for tourists.

I’ve been looking at Subaru’s and this is a very good deal.

Thank you!

I think 12% is pretty solid as well!

Great deal! And these little hatches are definitely getting more popular - Impreza, Mazda 3, and I think Ford and Chevy have theirs too. They all look similar. I like the WRX, but they lease pretty badly.

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