March Deals for New England Clients! Subaru, Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo

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Then let’s chat in 2-3 months my friend!

Also, anyone I’ve worked with from LH will tell you, if I think another broker in a different region can get you a much better deal, I have no problem sharing that.

I refer people to other brokers all the time and always appreciate when they do the same.


You know I don’t need it now. I’m just getting antsy. The $3,000 is barely more than the $2,500 loyalty here, though. And what are doc fees like down there? I probably wouldn’t save anything unless the cash goes higher.

Unless you buy in NY where the fee is capped at $75, you’ll pay more in NJ than in MD ($299). It is $699 in VA. If you stay in NE - PA has like under $200 dealer fees also. MF will not get better, I think. It is not bad as is, so get used to it :slight_smile:
Or do MSDs outside of NY (which I know you don’t want to do)

Dealer fee in MA is 495 to 595 for Volvo

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Just got a .00081 on an S60 in my region. That’s an extra 6 cents per month!

Any deals on Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude? I’m located in CT.

Not a strong month for Jeep GCs in my neck

Try @Simpleauto1
He’s got great deals in Tri State


Are the Land Rovers only available in colors (or the exact same car) that they are shown in? Are all the LR deals you mentioned in this thread still available (48k, 58k, 74k) and tied to the colors/car that are shown or one has a choice?

Truly depends

Only a few Discos

Handful of disco sports

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