M340i Lease Quotation

Hi Hackers,

One dealer gave me a quotation of BMW M340i. I argued with him several times and he said this is the best deal he can give me:

I want to lease a new car at 30 months and 0 down payment. The info:

**Brand: BMW M340i rear drive:
**MSRP: 61570
**Selling Price: 55413(10% off)
**Month: 30
**Mileage: 10,000/year
**Residual: 60%
**MF: 0.00086
**MSD(multiple month deposit): 4550(7month)
**rebate: 2,000
**Upfront Fee: 1050
**DMW: 660
**Drive Off: 7190(4550+2640)
**Tax: 9.75%

So the monthly payment is $601(excluded tax, tax is $58). I can find some mistakes in this quotation, like 7 month payment is less than $4550. The $2640 is drive off fee excluded deposit. I don’t know how it consists. the total of upfront fee, DMV and one month payment is $601+ $660 + $1050 = $2311. Is the remaining dealer fee or document fee? Is it expensive?

Thanks, looking forward to hearing some of your suggestions.

The core of your deal is good, 10% pre-incentive discount at base MF. That assumes the $1050 up front fees includes acquisition.

If you have already put a deposit on the car to hold it then this will most likely be reflected at the time of signing, the deal structure doesn’t change. For example your total drive off is $7190, if you already put a $1k deposit then you would just owe $6190 at signing.

You need to clarify the MSDs though. The dealer is using the pre-tax payment $601, rounded to $650 x 7 = $4550. Using the LH Calculator this should be post-tax $660, rounded to $700 x 7 = $4900.

LH Calculator - M340

It’s 7 payments rounded up to the nearest 50. They are correct

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The base payment for msds get rounded up prior to being applied, so the fact that 7 x $601 isn’t $4550 is completely irrelevant. This is your mistake, not theirs.

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Yeah, their MSDs are rounded up to the nearest $50. So you are looking at $650 vs $601 for the deposit rate.

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Why not do a 36 month over 30 month and drop your payment?

  • 6 months
  • 2 on the RV

@Kyle_Altshuler - Please create your own thread/post.


Will do, sorry about that.

Hey Man

First you’re high jacking a thread

Second, you need to explore the numbers further to see that your target is not to be possible

Then, your Mf is marked up 40 bps

And finally, loyalty only works if car is registered in same household. Not because someone else in your family bought a car at the dealer


Thanks for the reply and sorry about that. I deleted my post. Not sure if I have the ability to start a new thread yet since I just signed up.

Trying to do that, have only purchased cars in the past so I’m fairly new to leasing.

Good to know on the Mf.

It will be registered in the same household, I’m on the mortgage.

Check this out: READ ME FIRST: Getting Started With Leasehackr Forum

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I know it would be super nice to lease 36 month with 58 RV. But I still want to have 30 month. 36 month is around 568 pre-tax with MSRP 8% off.(others remain same)

I didn’t follow that last part. Aren’t we 10% off

36 will save you > $60 month

Don’t forget that you get to pay full price for year 3 registration, but only get to use it for half the year. That’s several hundred down the drain.

Not really, the deal they give me for 36 months are 8% off. I want to have 30 month and it calculate too expensive. So I asked them to give me a 10% off. Maybe 36 month 10% off can also work but I didn’t go forward on it.

Yes, that is the pain part for that. : (

Thanks. Your calculation are correct. I may not account for the tax when I calculate the drive off. I will make sure that upfront fee includes acquisition.

Dealer fee is $100. Is it reasonable? I saw some people in Ca with only $25. That’s amazing: Signed 2021 M340i loaner 516/mo+tax, 2345 DAS

Dealer fee in ca is capped at $85 by law. You may have a tire fee or something lumped in with it. The person that put $23 in was most likely incorrect.

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Ah, thanks for pointing out. Let me clarify with dealer about the upfront fee, making sure it includes acquisition. Others look good.

Yes, it is actually $85. I updated my post to correct it.

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