Lucid Motors spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Cancelled, yet no refund :frowning:



This $300 reservation will allow me to purchase Lucid car at its initial price. What’s it worth?
I think it was $79k for the cheapest model. I wonder if it can be combined with $7,500 lease fed rebate. I’m going to guess that there are no MSRP discount like Tesla. Any possible hacks with this “golden” ticket? I think I know the answer…

I wish they come out with an SUV at the same price point… it would sell like hotcakes. 2 years ago, a car would’ve worked, but now I need a minivan. :frowning:

Edit: What if on lease paperwork they give me a $10k discount from current MSRP? That would be better since the residual will be calculated at the higher newer MSRP. Wonder if they do MSD…

So advertised lease $12k down and $1300/month. Maybe I can hack it to zero down $1200/month. Still too high for my blood

Pretend you never put a deposit, and forget about the Lucid

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Without a provision for transferability it’s not worth a penny on the secondary market.

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Just canceled my Lucid Reservation and they returned me my $300 deposit. I had reserved it at the original price of $77k and then made it non-refundable in August 2022 (when the tax credit was changing). They still gave me my money back.

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Who did you contact?

I canceled through my Lucid Advisor. Literally told him I bought an EQS instead and couldn’t keep waiting for the Pure. lol He processed the cancellation, and I got an email letting me know that I would be receiving a refund. Saw it on my credit card a day later.

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Nice… thanks!!!

Did you submitted and finalized your Pure specifications after you made it nonrefundable?

Yikes. 125k current msrp

Lucid has been bugging me for a while for the registration information. I told them I don’t know the details yet. But they kept bugging me.

The car that I ordered will not be produced for like half a year. Why the rush?

Now I received an email that they will cancel my order if I don’t send them the reg info in X days.

Sounds like their cars are selling very well.

After a disappointing testdrive, this email made me a Lucid hater.

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My advisor told me I won’t receive a refund if I cancel but then a few days later I got this email.

Lucky for you guys, they never refunded my $300. I drove both the Lucid and EQS and the EQS is the significantly better product. Lucid Pure should be starting at $60k and toping out maybe at $90k for the Grand Touring. It is way overpriced as a product. Add the unproven brand (service, resale, reliability etc.) I expect the used market to be brutal compared to even original MSRP pricing…

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Well technically the car is 60k not including the battery pack.