Lucid Motors spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Sorry I wasn’t clear! Even if an agreement says that something is non-refundable, whether the concept of a non-refundable deposit is valid and enforceable ultimately depends on local law and how it interprets the specific language in the contract.

So they might be nice, or just doing what they’re legally required to do.

There was an update/clarification from the IRS and the pre august 16,2022 binding contracts are eligible again (you will just have to amend your ‘22 taxes) - I think because of this lucid will hold more tightly to the non refundable part in general

Got my order cancelation confirmation even after the "binding contract " stuff.


I am going to try the same thing, good to know it is possible…

Got same email today.

They refunded me as well.

Puts on lucid?

Did all of you call to cancel? I emailed to cancel last week got no response.

I would not bet against Saudi money


Not the smartest money - see Wework

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You do not need to be smart to be powerful

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Just look at their weapon purchases from the US - they don’t know how to use them or maintain them -

They spend a fortune on weapon purchases they don’t know how to use - Great for the US

Look at Liv Golf
Acquisition of J-Crew

I think Prof Galloway said it’s the greatest extraction of wealth in his lifetime

It’s always a good idea to bet against the Saudi’s and Jim Cramer

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Saudi investors ruled out further assistance for Credit Suisse. You think they would care about saving a little car company.

Building high end vehicles only for the dying sedan market. Good luck with that.

There will be a point where even the most financial backed investors have had enough. Selling off assets and intellectual property to one of the legacy automakers would make sense.

I would say the EQS and Etron deals have me skeptical that the Air will get traction. At least among this crowd, lol.

It worked. Received the credit card credit.

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At current prices, Lucid is DOA.

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Just called lucid to get my deposit back. Took 2 min wasn’t any pushback. I had signed the binding agreement in august.


I cancelled my order too. Touring should have been their base trim at the original Pure price that I had it locked. The Touring I test drove didn’t feel any more special than the EV6 I used to own. Just the long range alone cannot sell cars at that price point, as evidenced by the current state of Mercedes EQS…

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I called in today to cancel mine.
And there was a pushback saying those $300 are non refundable after confirming the reservation. (which Lucid calls, pre order stage)

Lets see where this goes

$1.3BN loss on Credit Suss