Looks like a new Costco Volvo lease program has dropped


To qualify for the Volvo Limited-Time Savings, you must 1) be a current Costco member by April 30, 2019; 2) register with the Costco Auto Program online or through its call center; 3) present your Volvo PIN to the dealership at the time of visit; and 4) purchase or lease an eligible, new 2019 Volvo S60, S90, V60, V90, V90 Cross Country, XC60 and XC90 (excludes XC90 T8 plug-in hybrid) between May 1, 2019, and July 1, 2019. This Limited-Time Savings is not compatible with some Volvo incentives. Only one (1) Volvo PIN allowed per vehicle. Limit two (2) Volvo PINs per membership. For Costco Cash Card eligibility: Purchase or lease an eligible vehicle through the Volvo Limited-Time Savings; submit a redemption form within 30 days of purchase; and complete a member satisfaction survey. Costco Cash Cards are not redeemable for cash, except where required by law.

Costco and its affiliates do not sell automobiles or negotiate individual transactions. Tax, title and license fees are not included in the A-Plan Price. Total A-Plan Price includes destination and supplemental advertising fees. This offer is subject to change without notice. Offer excludes: Any other A-Plan offers, retired service loaners and demonstrators. Please see dealer for details, one PIN per transaction.


A-plan, but now makes it much more interesting on S60 T6 with $3K cash - equivalent of 12% off. A-plan was $1,500 last month.

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Leasehackr will now switch from BMWhackr to Volvohackr for the next 2 months.


I know. I need to see if it makes a difference on mine. The good thing is I get to choose whatever is best - April, May, etc. Credit app. went in and was approved yesterday.


Haven’t you been looking for a new Volvo for like 36 months now? Well it seems that way anyways :).

Does Volvo lock you in like BMW does for 60 days?


I can tel you now which one is better. A no-brainer :slight_smile:


Loyalty and Volvo allowance only. No locking on Volvo lease bonus cash


Hahaha, no, more like 4 months. I found exactly what I wanted at a good price, though @Ursus disagrees on the dealer. So far, everything is good. It should arrive from South Carolina on May 23.


What are the May terms? I’ve been busy all day and they’re not on Edmunds yet.


Don’t know, but I doubt they will get worse by looking at $3k Costco cash. I should have waited LOL

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How does this work again?

invoice pricing which is ?
$3k a-plan incentive
$2k Lease cash


You got a killer deal


6% off MSRP + $3K + …


I didn’t tell you that, but yeah, you know both of our worries!

Looks like there’s $2,000 cash (finally) here in NY + $1,000 loyalty and $1,500 + $1,000 in MD.

So this is interesting…it was doing the normal “call dealer” with the $1,000 loyalty, so I clicked on $500 and added it in to the “down payment,” a.k.a. my discount, and I could be sub-$400 after tax. Wooooo.


$1000 loyalty is on purchase only not lease.

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Nah…just go ask them to unwind it. That seems to be the thing to do :joy::grin:


Too late, it’s been funded. Otherwise, you bet :smile:


Welcome back :slight_smile:

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It’s only been a week, but I guess after a few days…oh well. I have to get ready to go to my cousin’s house, so more on what happens with mine later.


Now even better news - there is $3,250 in mid-Atlantic on XC60 T6. Time to hack one for my wife (don’t really need T6 though)

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