Looking for SoCal window tint recommendations

I imagine that when you sit in traffic on a day with the sun frying your car, you will feel the difference between s7 and s9 much more.

The sun in NorCal is really intense so I put crystalline on the front windshield even though it’s a lease and did standard 3m ir on the rest. If I owned the car, I would have done full crystalline because the difference is significant.

Btw just for your own peace of mind do a search for reviews from people who went with Rayno and also the installers. My installer was rather upset with them.

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Rapids spoiled my car paint while peeling vinyl wrap they are not recommended as per my experience. I have best experience with

What’s the Lancaster shop?

I believe it was Spectrum Window Tinting

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I’m at Sunshield in Sherman Oaks once again getting Xpel XR on my truck. Can’t recommend this place enough.

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I talked to the guy at Spectrum. He seemed nice, but was recovering from back issues and I needed this tint done this week due to hectic next week. Pricing was similar. I would have tried him if I had more time, but then again every time I visit Sunshield Hamid treats me well. He’s been in the business since 1986…

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Can you share your pricing and what car you tinted? Including which windows?

I got all side windows, rear window, sunroof done for $450. This was on a Sierra crew cab and Xpel XR.

Lancaster guy was also very close to this price BTW and he was pleasant to deal with when I was asking pricing questions.

Got a Tesla Model Y done by Cyber Tint in Anaheim. New shop, their work area is really clean.


I paid about $1000 (say about cause I got a few other things done) for xpel prime xr plus on a tesla model y. all windows including sunroof and windshield. I’ve seen similar pricing but it was for say pinnacle formula one, or ir. I just wanted to try xpel.