Looking for a 3 row SUV - tahoe, yukon or expedition


I am looking for a larger sized suv - either the tahoe, yukon or expedition. I have 4 children, my 18 year old is very large (he has special needs and does not drive) but he weighs almost 300 lbs and almost 6 ft tall. My other 3 children are not as big but my 15 year old will be driving soon. My wife is only 5 ft, so she needs to be able to drive it as well. I am looking for any of those 3 suv’s…tahoe, yukon, expedition. Any ideas which lease better in Fl? Thank you!

None of those really lease well, might want to consider the mini van route. Or consider the outgoing GM products(large discount/rebate potential) and do a longer finance term. Maybe look at ex rental, if you want room, don’t bother with a Tahoe, look at a Suburban. A mini van will have more room than an Tahoe

Thanks. Maybe we should look at purchasing one instead of leasing. My wife already has the minivan so we don’t want another one. Any preference of the 3? We are very careful regarding covid because of my 18 year olds health conditions. We want to minimize shopping as much as possible. I would appreciate any input or guidance from any of you!

You need to go out and look at the vehicles and see which one meets your needs. I think the Ford has the most room in the short version compared to the GM products. The new 2021 Tahoe is larger and has more room. Maybe even a Pilot or MDX would fit your needs and they seem to be leasing well. You really need to go look at some vehicles and see what size you need

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Palisade might work too

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2021 Tahoe will cost an arm and a leg

2020 Tahoe and MDX probably are not big enough.

Look at Pilot for sure,Traverse, Atlas, etc (the latter two as purchase options possibly)

With the new Yukon out the expedition will likely lease the best. A large discount on a 2020 Yukon might work but they appear to be pushing purchases on those and it’s now outdated.

I think I drove almost every 3-row car over the last 2 days. I figured I would share with my pros and cons of each car to help someone else, and maybe someone has some things to add!

*I have 4 kids (ages 18-14)

*I am only 5 feet tall

Tahoe- too big, I had trouble getting in and out of it

Lexus GX- too big, no trunk

Lexus RXL – I found it heavy to drive, 3rd row doesn’t really exist

Traverse – I had trouble reaching the gas pedal while driving

Volvo xc90 – I can’t reach the 3rd row in order to move the 3rd row seats either up or down. Seems like an issue if I am by myself and I need to move the seat up or down

Atlas – I like it, I can’t think of anything not like except lease payments seem high for the sel premium, and maybe a drop too small if I had to compare to my minivan

Cadillac XT6- steering wheel was very tight, car felt very heavy to drive, lease payments seemed reasonable (only looked at 2020), but has horrible reviews online

Lincoln Aviator – 2nd and 3rd row seats very uncomfortable

Palisade- I love the tech features of the car but the car feels so big while driving - like a tank, quoted almost $900 for the Limited trim

Infinity Qx60 – no air in 3rd row, no apple car play

If I missed a car that someone can recommend let me know!
Either way, I hope my search helps someone else.


I just traded my wife’s GLE which we ordered with a 3rd row. It was pretty spacious.

It’s at this dealer, great car and we loved it but she decided she wanted a car not an suv.


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Others to look at in no particular order:

Telluride (although it’s basically the same as the palisade, with a higher lease price)













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I didn’t add the GLE because the dealers near me didn’t have any 3rd row cars in stock. We did test drive without the 3rd row, but I really need to see how my kids fit in the 3rd row. They said it would be another 2 weeks. If I haven’t decided by then I will go back and take a look, I am hoping to have made a decision by then :)!

The expedition, navigator, QX80, etc. are just too big. I am only 5 feet. I just can’t get in and out of them gracefully :). We did look at the audi- I didn’t test drive so that is why I didn’t add it. The mechanism to get from 2nd row to 3rd was just so clunky. Not even sure how to explain- I couldn’t move the 2nd row seat up easily enough to get my younger kids in the back. We didn’t even drive it- just a flat no while moving the seats.
I haven’t looked at the MDX. My husband just mentioned that one. We might go this week.

Not sure I can help with the feeling big part here, but you can do much better than $900

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If you really liked the Tahoe they sell Steps that allow easy access. I’ve even seen a truck with power steps that fold out when you are near the car

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I brought the Durango r/t home my wife said it was to big she was never driving it. Now I never get a chance to drive it myself.

Oh definitely. I was just sharing what they were telling me. I didn’t bother with any negotiating or talking until I know which car I want.

Escalade - Larger than a Tahoe but nicer, and with auto-folding steps for easy entry/exit. I don’t like driving them on narrow streets, but fine otherwise. Not like any 3-row SUV is small, anyway. Just not as big.

X7 - Another premium option. Has CarPlay. Sits lower than the ones you said were too big. Might work for you. BMWs lease relatively well, too, especially if you qualify for some of the incentives. A loaner/demo X7 should be less than $900, and I think most would prefer it over a Kia for the same price. I think the Kias are too hot/overpriced.

Highlander with captains seats.


VW Atlas SE or Buick Enclave Essence are other possible options. We had them leasing in the high 400s back in August here in South Florida.

Thanks. I looked all day again today. I realized the volvo 3rd row is very hard to move up and down. I can’t even get the 3rd row seat up, the Atlas 3rd row moved up and down in a much smoother way. I think I am leaning towards the Atlas!