Looking for a 3 row SUV - tahoe, yukon or expedition


Palisade 3rd row is just a button push. No need to reach for anything.

We can’t lease my wife’s car due to the high highway mileage she puts on them, and we wound up with the 2021 Atlas (SE Technology R Line) coming from a minivan. We did the research and the interior space is as big as the outgoing Tahoe, and you can’t beat all of the technology and features you get for the $. If you work hard enough you should be able to get 15%+ off of MSRP and the loan rates are pretty good right now (check credit unions).

The only reason we stayed away from Kia Telluride and Hyundai Pallisade is a) lack of discounts and b) our past service experience with the local dealers that sell them. The warranties are great, but you should check out the service reviews around your area.

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Got split off but have you looked into the Durango? Best infotainment system, captain chairs extremely easy to access the third row. You can get them with screens built in for the kids, basically a minivan.

Durango or qx60 for value
Armada or expedition for large size

Don’t forget you can buy a roof rack. I have a 21 sq ft skybox on my qx60 and have no issues on long trips. Great mpg too. Yah you have to sacrifice car play. Big wooop

You’re all over the place here with car selection. To make it easier for yourself, now that you have driven a few, you should narrow it down by -


Small - X3, etc
Mid - X5, etc
Large - X7, etc

And then by budget, currently you’re ranging from a Honda CR-V to a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

I’m also going to throw in the GMC Acadia

I know. I have always driven a minivan so this is brand new territory for me. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to make a decision!

The Acadia is probaby one of the smallest. I currently drive the CX9, not a lot of cargo space when the 3rd row is up, but the car drives well, its only a 4 cylinder, so its relatively economical in gas compared to other 3rd row vehicles. I am also in the market for another (bigger) SUV, but the CX9 leasing programs seem to be very competitive.

What do you think of this deal? Advice?

If this is the new Tahoe that was just redesigned, I would say this is a decent deal.

If this is 2021 then that’s a good discount. If you have Costco there is a 1k incentive. Did you check the mf with Edmunds?

The sales guy said I get a costco and teacher discount - but I haven’t seen the paper so I don’t know if he really included it.

Means Costco is buried in your discount within your calculator. Still a decent deal but I’d try pushing for your calculator plus the 1k Costco.

Thank you! I will go back…

that’s not bad our Yukon is up next month, To me the new look is pretty ugly not sure i want another one.

I think the new one actually looks better. Regardless the improvement in ride quality and tech are big.

So the deal didn’t go as planned…of course. The salesman told me that they wouldn’t negotiate anymore over the phone and to come in. I actually said fine and we arranged a time. When we got there he wasn’t available so his partner came and brought the car to us. After we looked at it and decided we liked it I told the partner that I wanted to negotiate the payments, etc. And then it all went downhill from there. The partner says no problem, come to table. We go and sit and he comes back with a paper with some numbers - suddenly we went from 740 to 900 a month. He asked me what I wanted - so I said $650. Figured if you don’t ask you don’t get.
The guy even wrote on his paper “stupid deal in the 600s”. I should have left.
He knew I was doing all the numbers but he kept talking to my husband. My husband said to him, stop talking to me, look at my wife she does all the numbers.

Just ridiculous. After a lot of back and forth we get back down to 700 and then they change from 12k to 10k a month. Then they changed from tax included to tax not included, etc. He said to us, come on, you can afford the $40 a month. That pissed my husband off. It was just so much bs that we walked out. The last deal they gave was 720 a month, 12k miles tax included. Which is probably a good deal- but the way they treated me was not right.
I will start again Monday with another dealership. This is exhausting.

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Don’t go in to the dealer until you have the deal done, in writing. Nothing good comes from trying to hash the deal down in person like this.


At the very least you should get supplier/educator plus the 1k Costco. Run that in the calculator and that is your baseline deal.

Thanks - will do. Lesson learned.