My findings after looking for 3rd row car-


I think I drove almost every 3-row car over the last 2 days. I figured I would share with my pros and cons of each car to help someone else, and maybe someone has some things to add!

*I have 4 kids (ages 18-14)

*I am only 5 feet tall

Tahoe- too big, I had trouble getting in and out of it

Lexus GX- too big, no trunk

Lexus RXL – I found it heavy to drive, 3rd row doesn’t really exist

Traverse – I had trouble reaching the gas pedal while driving

Volvo xc90 – I can’t reach the 3rd row in order to move the 3rd row seats either up or down. Seems like an issue if I am by myself and I need to move the seat up or down

Atlas – I like it, I can’t think of anything not like except lease payments seem high for the sel premium, and maybe a drop too small if I had to compare to my minivan

Cadillac XT6- steering wheel was very tight, car felt very heavy to drive, lease payments seemed reasonable (only looked at 2020), but has horrible reviews online

Lincoln Aviator – 2nd and 3rd row seats very uncomfortable

Palisade- I love the tech features of the car but the car feels so big while driving - like a tank, quoted almost $900 for the Limited trim

Infinity Qx60 – no air in 3rd row, no apple car play

If I missed a car that someone can recommend let me know!
Either way, I hope my search helps someone else.

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