Long Beach BMW Lease Deals



Looking at this BMW 530e, would like a quote on this. 36mo. 10k/year, Min DAS
92701 zip for taxes. Can come by this weekend, will be out of town the following weekend.


@Electronaut - could you please give me a quote of stock# JEJ64841 ? Thanks
3 year lease
36,000 miles
$0 down
lease loyalty
Zip 92886


Electronaut looking for an x1. Can I come by this weekend? lmk.


Hey Dustin, can you send me the rf% and residual% on your new x3 2018 and 2019?


You can calculate the residual from bmws website. Go to offers. Select your vehicle. Hit important info. Msrp and residual are provided. Divide.


Some people are lazy


Hi Electronaut,

Could you PM me the quote for


3 year lease
36,000 miles
$0 down
lease loyalty
Zip Code 94538



Thanks for the info…ill look for them there.


Mf you have to look here. You can use the search function. I think it’s .00186 this month. Might be .00181. Either way up a lot.


@Rezaa5 @conanohasselhof Base MF is .00182 for October


.00182 is base MF this month


Wow it seems really high. Most manufacturers are practically giving away their money… bmw must be cutting major discounts in order to counterbalance these high Mf’s


That’s not entirely true. Some GM products are over 6%. Santa Fe is over 5. The new RDX is 1% from BMW at .00131. Some manufacturers are subverting numbers, yes. I wouldn’t say that most are “giving away their money” though. Rates are rising across the board.


INCREASED rebates through Black Friday Weekend! 3 series, 4 series(loyalty) and X6!


can you post some deals


What do you have this month?


how about x2 m40i


There is no x2 m40i.


Oops X2 M35i


any special deal for white 530e with premium package