Long Beach BMW Lease Deals



loaners under 5k miles qualify for costco (G fleet). If im not mistaken, AAA is under the same and cannot be combined. Just one or the other.

3 series - $3k lease cash and $1k loyalty rebate.

2018 4 series - $3k lease cash and $1k loyalty


Thanks for the reply! If I returned my 3 series last month, do I not qualify for the loyalty rebate? Also, can I use the $1000 college grad incentive on top of those deals? Please feel free to PM me with 330i or 430i offers. Thank you!


Yes, you still qualify for lease loyalty. Yes college grad can go on top


Could you pm me a quote regarding stock JBF20238? Did not find Pm option in my pahe


Can you get me a quote on
Stock # : TJNV01431


And this one too - thanks.

Stock # : JB253003


hi i am interested in a 5 series 30i or 40i can you do 15% off msrp?


PM me for a quote and let me know what rebates you qualify for otherwise your numbers will not look good lol. please give more info than this.


Pmed 202002020202992202002


can you quote me on stock #NJ5H43379?

36/12 0 down
Costco membership
no bmw loyalty


Is there also 12% off the M550i?


Could you quote me KB284270

Current bmw leaseholder

36/10 and 24/10


Is it possible to use / generate more than one Costco certificate per Costco member? I might have a need for a two-fer!


Man- that cleaned out quick! Care to show some love to the forum https://leasehackr.com/donate/


would you quote me
Stock #: J0Y99697


Quote some M model leases preferably the 18 M5.


Can you PM me a quote for 3/36 for 10k on Stock # : JL069199

Current BMWFS customer, Costco,



Are there any deals for Sept ready to be shared yet?


Hi there,

Can you please PM me a lease quote for 530e (Stock# JB251377).

36 months / 12K per year, $0 down, LA County zip for tax calculations.

Thank you!


Any good numbers on a i3? PM me I’m in SoCal as well.