Long Beach BMW Lease Deals


All specials are sold out. Next month will have some more deals that will be approved for me to post per our GM… Stay tuned…


All 3 series 5 series X3 12% off (non M models) plus rebates w/ G fleet

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Post some M3/4/5 deals :slight_smile: im interested

Do you have any 340i lease specials? (Looking for grey with red interior and m sport package. Thanks

Thanks for replying. I have a Mineral Grey w/ Red Int. M sport coming to port in a couple weeks. PM me for price and if you’re interested in it before it’s gone!

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Off topic but just wanted to say I have taken my 5 and 7 series for service to:
Pacific Bmw (Glendale, CA)
Beverly Hills BMW
Bakersfield BMW
In addition to Long Beach BMW, and Long Beach BMW has the best for service without question.

Glad to hear! I do hear that a lot. I’m glad you have had a pleasant experience here!

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Welcome Dustin!! Always good to have local OC dealers here.

12% Discount + buy rate right off the bat is pretty nice! Usually it takes few emails or hours of haggle just to get to these numbers.

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What about X5 and x6?

Electronaut I sent you a PM, still waiting on a response. Thanks

Do you have the number for 330e, i3 and i3 REX?

Thank you.

Anyway to get that x3 payment in to the $300s with MSD, or one time payment lease? Interested in x3 xdrive with upgraded wheels… can be a 24/36/39 10k mi/yr Thx

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Dont currently have any i3’s in stock. Sold out

How about 330e? Thank you!

Updated OP w/ link for 330e and payment.

Can you give the number for 328d wagon? Thanks

Hi Dustin

I am located in Michigan, would like to learn more about the 4 series or 3 GT (xdrive) or X3 lease specials. I am currently leasing an X1 and have 4 payments left. Thanks!

Do you have any deals for a 340ix/440ix?

Do we have any deals of 530e?

Any amazing 640gt xdrive deals?