Loaner To Owner - Mercedes, Audi, BMW etc

Maybe to keep this info about MB loaners in one place


anyone know of any places near new york that have good loaner options for benz’s?

Did you not read the thread?


I hope you’re joking

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Do you guys know what’s the residual penalty for Audi loaner? I searched Edmunds, depends on dealer basis? Thanks.

Maybe @AudiAltampa can answer as he just closed a deal on a loaner A4?

Really? After getting thrown under the bus?

Houston Area

Loaner E300 for only $639/mo with $2500 down.


Even in Canadian dollars this is awful.

I was just posting where they have loaner to owner MB cars in my area. I didn’t look at them or analyze the deals. I was just trying to contribute to the thread.

Shipping Information

Because of our reputation for selling only the finest automobiles on the market, buyers come from all over the United States to purchase from Mercedes-Benz of Chantilly. We can facilitate a transaction throughout the United States. AND we can even help arrange shipping! Often right to your driveway! Or take delivery here at our dealership. Enjoy a few days touring around the Washington DC area in your new car!

Eastern US starts at $495; Central US for $749 and Western US for $995. Or we will gladly pick you up at the Washington-Dulles International Airport.

I checked your website but asking again to check if you have any in pipeline. Do you have any 2017 GLS 450 that you are looking to lease.


It’s not my website, just sharing info.

These guys seem to keep their loaners under 5K miles.

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Do you have MF and residual numbers for these 2017 loaners?