Liquid Savings and CDs - Where Do You Keep Your Cash?

Interest rates for different types of savings products have popped up in various threads (including investment and credit card rewards discussions), so let’s see if there’s enough interest :hear_no_evil: for a dedicated thread.

To get started, I took a fresh look at where we have liquid savings, and today I opened new account with Dollar Savings Direct for 3.0% APY.

I’ll start moving money there next week after the accounts are linked. They use the trial deposit verification method from the 1920s to link accounts.

I chose Navy Federal as my funding source even though I don’t keep any real money there, because DSD wanted me to link a checking account, and this is the worst one I have. :stuck_out_tongue:


Stealing from DOC

4% CD for 16 months.

SunEast also has 6 month and 9 month CDs for the same % if you want more liquidity sooner.

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I keep my money under my mattress

Will be tailing if dollar works out for you

I-bonds are paying over 9% through October, limited to 10k per tax ID

Also for savings I like a nice bonus with a good rate $300+2.5% (with direct deposit): Open a Bank Account Online Today | SoFi

2.15% +$200-300

Affinity Federal Credit Union Referral Program SmartStart Savings here does 3.5% on balances up to 5k then 1% thererafter. They also have a 1% cash back debit card for charges up to $1k per month. And decent auto loan rates

Since I know a few of us on here look at DoC for Bank Bonuses, Credit Card Sign Ups, and various other useful hacks I thought I would post the link to Best Savings Accounts:

Best High Yield Savings Accounts - up to 5% APY - Doctor Of Credit

As mentioned above, sign up bonuses can be helpful. As rates have risen the math becomes a little closer than it was previously so obviously do your own diligence / calculations and see what works better.

Also check out Brokered CD’s in your Fidelity / Schwab / brokerage account. Many are 30-90 days in length paying pretty competitively in comparison to regular 6-12 month CD’s. Take advantage of rising rates in 90 days or so utilizing those.

From your link:

Love it.

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I was just complaining about this yesterday.

The increase is obviously better than nothing, and I’ll keep the account open, but it’s not enough to keep the bulk of what’s already there there.

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In Marcus for me. Not the greatest yield, but not concerned about chasing a point or two. Looking to deploy most of it sooner rather than later.

Anyone going the t-bill route? Similar 4% for 12 months and no state/local tax. Seems interesting but never bought them before.

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Any suggestions for medium term liquidity? I have mid five figures I need to access in 8 months, any suggestions?

Was thinking an 8 month cd at 2.96 at my local CU, or whoever gives me a better rate but I’d need to put all of it in at once to reach the min new fund requirement most likely, and I’m open to alternatives.

I’d check out the brokered CD’s in your brokerage account of choice. Let me know and I can screenshot what im taking about if you do not have easy access.

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Liquid is doable at 3%.


I didn’t click through to review the options individually but there’s a 9-month at 3.55%.

But rates are going up. So see my first comment. :slight_smile:

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I am headed that way. I need to pull my cash out of Citi, most will go back into Blackrock Money Market that is paying 3%, rest into 2yr t-bills

Did you do the Citi Gold offer? They are giving a pretty good bonus to new customers on large deposits.

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Just got mine from them, I was a little concerned I would have to bother them about it but nope, it’s in there.

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Like magic, there it was on time. In my case, with some unexpected bonus-bonus

I just bought short term t-bills 1-2 month maturity at around 3% yield. I will keep rolling into 1-2 month maturity bills. I think it gives me enough flexibility if I decide that I want to get out and invest in something else. I like this better than the sub 3% savings accounts and definitely better than a 12+ months CD. If you want to lock your money for 12 months get a 1 year t bill, I think the yield is close to 4%.

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How long after the 80 day requirement did the bonus post?

Currently waiting on my bonus. Historically it’s been about 45 days after though some are reporting faster post times, for the current bonuses.

I deposited June 21st, bonus was in acct Sept 21 so 90 days is pretty accurate.