Limited ford and gm brokers?

hey folks,
Just out of curiosity why are there no Chevy or Ford brokers?
I would love the new bronco or a new tahoe, but it doesn’t seem like we have more than 1 broker in this space on the marketplace.

Whats up with that?

+1 for ford and GM brokers

Probably because they don’t lease well


That’s funny, why does GM advertise the Camaro LT1 lease @ $299 per month? Sounds like a great lease, high residual, extremely low MF. Or the Ecoboost Mustang lease?

They don’t.

They advertise it for $299*
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OP is talking about a Bronco or Tahoe and you are talking about Camaro and Ecoboost Mustang.
Completely different vehicles.

Asked about Ford or GM brokers.

If you want a Bronco, you have to order one ASAP and then wait 12 months to get it. Tahoe is easier, but probably doesn’t lease well if I had to guess.

It’s just an example of how well a GM lease on the Camaro can be. Nothing is what it says it is these days.

How do you figure? All it is is an example of a nonsensical number that doesn’t list the actual cost.

This has been asked many times before about XYZ brand.

People will argue about “why” and how their pet theory is better than someone else’s pet theory.

Ultimately… it is what it is.

What is it above you don’t comprehend? I’d say that’s a great lease.

That is neither $299 nor the GM advertised lease.

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Not sure where your located,but there are a few dealers on here on the west coast.

He said Brokers, and it’s true, the Dealers are giving good deals out here.

You’re probably talking about Blake, Pete or Erik Nordstrom, all members of the family that owned the company.

And the reason you’ve heard it is that I don’t know if they ever did an interview without invoking the old “when i was just a shoe buyer” lore.

I am very confident that if there is money to be made doing it, someone on here is doing it, will be doing it, or has already tried many times. My conclusion is there isn’t as much money to be made brokering some brands compared to others. You can argue about the “why’s” but it really doesn’t matter.


We do Chevy, more of a niche brand on here, and can do other American brands at people’s request. People usually have less interest once they find out tahoe’s are 4 figure payments (most trims), even at MSRP & Buy Rate.


You’re giving me minivan flashbacks.

Tahoe is a 4 figure payment? Lawd have mercy.

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