Limited ford and gm brokers?

Tahoe LT Base at MSRP & Buy Rate is like an $9xx sign and drive right now (even with Costco, Conquest etc).

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Excuse me sir, don’t make me come out of retirement to prove a point :laughing:

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Sir… When are you going back to Chevy store?

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If you ever tried hacking a Chevy or Ford, you’d realize why most brokers don’t want to deal with them. Whereas, and I’m making these numbers up, you might find 20% of BMW stores are tolerable or better to work with, it is more like 2% of Ford or GM stores.

That’s pretty much it… if someone puts in similar effort to create a relationship with a dealer that moves 30 Jeeps or 3 Camaros, which would a broker choose?

How about Equinox, Traverse, Bolts etc. They lease well and though it feels like ages ago it seemed like @chevysalesgirl and @ethanrs were moving plenty of them pre- covid.

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It is what it is.

Those are also two different audiences…people that are trying to get an economical way to get from A to B vs the monthly “Any deals on a $96,000 Yukon XL, AT4, F150 King Ranch” post on here.

Typically the people asking for a broker on those brands are also seeking the most in demand models with as mentioned above, brands / dealers that typically aren’t doing as many incentives as say the European brands with a smaller gap between invoice and MSRP making the “deal” they are seeking a little harder to come by.

Yes but both of those audiences are on LH.

Are they? Not sure I buy that. As you said there are two audiences.

Bottom line

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You don’t know, unless you have crystal ball, how many would do a lease on a Camaro who read these forums and are not registered and see there aren’t any brokers. Heck, I bet there are quite a few who are registered and are interested in doing a lease on one and that don’t bother because there are no brokers. Seeing as these cars are on the way out you would figure demand would be enough to keep a broker moving along.

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it took about 5 months to get 6 traverses and we’ve had 3 equinox’s in the last 6 months. lol.
as soon as theirs deals i’ll be posting! :sweat_smile:
as of now sub 400 leases is the best i’ve seen lately. the only thing i’m at MSRP on is 2021 Silverado.


Any supplier rebates like the $750 for Camaro?

you have to sell at supplier pricing to get the extra ccr, most stores aren’t. we sold out of camaros last month and have nothing coming for about 3-4 months.

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We will be offering Ford shortly.


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