🔥 Leaze.Deals May | BMW | 330i xDrive $302/mo+tax+inceptions

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Located in Ohio. Can ship anywhere.

Good times to lease a BMW this month:

My review thread:


Looking for a m340i. What colors do you have available?

What are the ext/int color and features on the 530i?


Looking for colors/info on 530i xDrive

Hello, kubikdanon,

Very interested in the 530i and X3. Can I have more details about them?

Thank you!


Deal BMW10N:
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 740i xDrive
MSRP: $97,500
Monthly Payment: $ 674
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1,922
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7,500
MF: 0.00118
Residual: 56%
Available Incentives: Loyalty ($3,000) [Included], Conquest ($1,000), Recent college grad ($1,000), PenFed/USAA ($500), OL code ($500).
Leasehackr Score: 11.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link: leasehackr.com/calculator?make=BMW&miles=7500&msd=7&msrp=97500&sales_price=78000&months=36&mf=.00118&dp=0&dealer_fee=250&acq_fee=925&taxed_inc=3000&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=56&reg_fee=72.5&sales_tax=0&demo_mileage=0&memo=undefined&acqFee_check=true&totalLeaseTax_radio=true

Sent PMs to all of you.

Interested in 530i xDrive, would like to get info on specs, thanks!

What’s the color and options?

PMs sent to both of you.

Friendly reminder to all: March is the last month to lease all 2019s (except 8 series).

When does the lease support expire on the 8 series?

can you ship them to Southern California? How much for the shipping?

Not sure yet, probably April.

At least $1,200.

I’m interested in the X4 M40i… how do I contact you?

I am looking for a M340i xDrive. What colors do you have available? Do you ship to WA? Thanks!

I shipped from California to Wisconsin and it was a little over 1300

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Interested in 2019 BMW 330i xDrive. and do you ship to MN?

I PMed you.

It’s white. I do ship anywhere.

I do ship to MN.

I am interested. Can you on pm me.