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Decided to create a review topic.

I like finding good deals and saving people’s money.
Thank you all who worked with me & trusted me.
Thank you LH for providing such an amazing opportunity.

All proceeds go towards my future McLaren 600LT


Kubikdanon was very professional in our interaction. I decided to get the car around noon, and I took it home the same day despite the fact that I live 2 hours away. He took my info over email and most of the paperwork was already completed by the time I went to pick up the car. Most important, I don’t think I could have ever negotiated myself a deal similar to what he offered. I hope we can do business again in the future!


Kubikdanon was able to get me my dream car, I took an Uber 3 hours away, that’s how good of a deal he got me. Highly recommended, and will do business with him again!


Kubikdanon made the process very easy and got me a great deal on an awesome car. Thanks again!


I had a great experience working with Kubikdanon. He made the process very quick, straight forward, and answered all my questions in a timely manner.

He ended up finding me great deals on 2 cars at the end of April and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to grab deals on any cars in his region.

Thanks again!!

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Kubikdanon worked a deal all day for me. He even was checking in with me when I was still at the dealer at 9pm. Love the X1 I got.

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Awesome broker! Very easy to deal with and reliable! 10/10

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I just used Kubikdanon to purchase a BMW 330i at the end of May. I’ll post details in another thread, but I wanted to let everyone know that this guy is amazing. He’s worth his fee all day long for a few reasons.

  1. He made this the easiest a most seamless car buying experience I’ve ever had. Once I confirmed I wanted a car he was offering he directed me to do a quick credit app and told me a contact from BMW would call me. 5 min after the credit app, the sales person calls, we spoke for 2-3 minutes, then he pushed the app through. 10 minutes later he calls back confirm the terms and price and I paid a deposit since I couldn’t get there before the end of the May. So I did ZERO negotiating with the dealer, nor was I solicited for anything, I literally spoke to the sales person for less than 5 minutes on the phone. Absolutely awesome process.

  2. He got me an amazing deal. I didn’t qualify for OL, Loyalty or grad and opted not to do MSDS, so the numbers may not seem as eye popping, but it was an unbelievable deal that I’m 100% confident I could have never pulled off myself and would have had to put in countless hours to even get close.

I should add that I felt the deal was so good that I flew one-way to the dealership and drove the car 8 hours back home the same day. The dealership picked me up at the airport, walked me through the car, signed the paperwork, gave me a Chik-Fila sandwich and had me on my way in about 1 hour - they were amazing!!!

Kubikdanon is amazing A++++++++


I used Kubikdanon’s services to buy a BMW 440 GC loaner. There was a slight increase in the price after I had paid his fee, because of issues with the dealership owner. I was given the option of a refund and the chance to walk away from the deal. However, the price was still great, and my mind was set on the car, so we decided to proceed.

The purchase process was smooth and seamless. Most paperwork was done online. I was out of the dealership in 45 minutes. I don’t think this deal would’ve been available if I had tried to hack it myself.

He did a great job. Communication and professionalism was excellent. I would strongly recommend his services.

@kubikdanon, let’s do this again in 35 months!


I concur with the rest of the reviews for kubikdanon. I used him to get a BMW X3 loaner and got an outstanding deal. Will post info on the main thread. I had to drive 3 hours to the dealership but was worth every minute. He got the deal within 24 hours and sent it to me to review. I liked the numbers, the vehicle and a few days later, picked up a X3. The purchase process was unbelievable. In and out within an hour. Paperwork done over the phone. Like others mentioned took about 15 minutes tops. I signed the deal and the dealer didn’t change anything and all was ready as discussed.

In a summary, I would strongly recommend Kubikdanon’s service if you’re looking for a great deal in the Midwest. Will be using his services for future leases.

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I have never used a broker for my previous leases but really didn’t have the time or patience to do the negotiating this time around and I was quickly approaching the end of my current lease. @kubikdanon did a great job and I would definitely consider using him again. Great communication and he made the whole process really smooth.

I wanted to get an m340i but he only had one listed on his spreadsheet and I wasn’t particularly crazy about the color. I reached out and he was able to get the same deal on one of the colors that I preferred. The dealer actually ended up selling the car I was going to get before we could finalize the deal and he was able to get me the same deal on a similar car that was slightly more expensive.

I definitely would recommend his service!

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I concur with the above reviews for @kubikdanon. Never used an auto broker before, and this was the first time. @kubikdanon did a super job for me on BMW 530. The whole process took only about 3 days, and was really hassle-free and smooth. The process is also transparent. As soon as the agreement was made on the price, the actual dealer gave a call right away and the pick-up was scheduled.

Not only I got a good deal, but also saved a significant amount of time on negotiation. I will high recommend @kubikdanon.

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@kubikdanon was a pleasure to work with. This was my first lease and first time using a broker and it was a breeze! The dealer had everything ready when I arrived per the deal spelled out by @kubikdanon which made the process very quick and painless. Glad I worked with him to get such a great deal on my new 540 - would recommend to anyone.

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Awesome broker, easy to work with, and got us a smoking deal on a BMW. Will work with in the future and highly recommend reaching out to him.

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