Leasing a Hellcat

I’ve noticed better deals in the last month or so on hellcats and was wondering if $571 for 24 months with $5k down is a considered a decent deal on a 2019 Charger Hellcat. I’ve had some dealers quote me outrageous monthly lease payments and others not willing to take a penny off.

Contact as many dealerships as you can even out of state. I never target all of the local dealerships until I find a out of state offer I like. Some Dodge dealers act as if these cars limited production and will not move on pricing, run from them. Your effectively paying 700 a month for the car, don’t get me wrong it’s a nice car but there is a lot you can get for 700 a month.

For the money I would look at buying a 2016-2018 used and get the mopar warranty. If you go on the forums people are picking them up for a great price stack on a warranty level and drive how you want to.


That’s equivalent to $755/mo

I was going off the assumption at least 1k of upfronts

That’s 7 series money. Not for a hellcat.

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Please PM me where you got this deal, if you dont want it I’ll take it :wink:
I’ve been getting quote $4xx for a Scat Pack with 3500 down 3yr/30k

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Let’s try to stay on topic instead of bench racing.

@Masterblaster my bad, was trying to do it from memory :wink: either way #pointmade

Which dealership did you work with?

atlantic cdjr, its in new york. Not sure if ur from socal but there’s a big dealership in california that advertises base hellcats 7-8k off msrp.

Can you PM me the dealer in cali :wink:
As far as tire goes… just have them hang out past the fender a bit :wink:

If chrysler capital allowed transfers I would transfer you mine.

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