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awd adds extra weight for the track, smack drag radials on the car and on a drag strip its dropping 0-60 in under 3 seconds with a good driver, most cars doing that are well north of 100k minus the corvette find me a 10 second 700 hp car that isn’t 250k+. Also awd is trash on a highway, the main reason the hellcat walks modded e63s and m5s.

All this talk is making want the car more but realistically I’m willing to wait and looking around for a $6XX payment with no down.

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If you go with base package you can get 6s, mine was 75k and my payment is $650 with 1k das including 1st month payment.

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The LX platform is borrowed from the W210 platform, used on the 1995 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It only received an update of that same W210 platform in 2011.

People only bring this up to show that for the same money, you can drive a car that is much more modern.

However, continuing to use this platform whose origins are in the mid 90s, is how Chrysler can sell a Hellcat at such a low price point.

Find me a modern 700 hp 4 door full size sedan that even exists, both the e63 and m5 are 600 hp, if the charger was awd with all the luxuries it would be at least $1k a month if not more.

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I think you are doing a disservice to future readers by removing some of my posts, particularly the one where I explain you cant compare this car to a 7 series it’s not in the same niche. Leasing for these cars isn’t about the money it’s about getting the best possible deal within the parameters. I’m sure you can lease other 70k cars for cheaper but you can’t lease other 70k cars with this kind of performance, it will literally eat an m3 alive in a straight line not to mention you can seat adults in the backseat and I believe people are leasing the m3s for a better monthly and das than the charger hellcat.

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You didn’t read the last sentence.

I’m not arguing with your choice of vehicle. You are obviously only considering leasing it for the engine output, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m just pointing out the reason people suggest lower output cars like the M3 when you’re looking into a car with an effective lease payment of $700.

Straight line performance is the most you will be able to do on the street anyway, but if you live in tough winters this may not be the best daily for you, also consider stuff like rear legroom of the m3 vs the charger, which is why the charger is best compared to the m5, the m3 is a great car and on a track runs circles around the charger and m5 but it also depends on what you are looking for in the car, like luxury, space, etc etc. I’m not disagreeing with anything you are saying cause it is spot on with more features like awd the price will rise, I’m simply saying based on acceleration, speed, and exhaust volume you can’t really beat it, the m3 and m5 are “yawn” turbocharged quiet but infinitely more luxurious on the interior.

What he said

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Link please

Link please

Dave rocks

@tjmac1986 is smart. He knows there isn’t time to play when these pop up.


Expensive oil changes

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Synthetic is expensive. Also includes tire rotation and one tire pop.

$550 for 3 years of oil changes? Eeeesh

Great deal on the car, not on the oil.


Yes synthetic oil changes here are $80 and they don’t include tire rotation. At least we only have to get them every 6 months.

You can also get a coupon and do it for less not at the dealership with just and oil change without any “safety inspections”:slight_smile:

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Midas/Meineke typically runs Synthetic at $40-50 with coupons, with tire rotation.

Hi any s60 wagons available?