SIGNED - 2018 BMW M3 CS - $110k - $0 DAS, $728/mo

What do you think they would discount their 7 series loaner?

Oh but if it’s rare it commands a premium right?

I literally had no idea that a $110,000 M3 was a thing

M3 cs and M3 are very different (In regards to pricing)

@skyline31518, do you mind posting your contract? I really doubt this deal is real, but I’d love to be proven wrong :wink:

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Here you go!


I applaud you sir :clap:t4:. I tried to replicate this but dealers responded to me like I was a crazy person :joy:

Breakin in the 1200 miles yet???

Not ur fault. I believe every BMW dealer who had an M3 in stock and broker in the nation had been shown and asked to match this deal … or even BEAT IT :joy:


I missed the fact you did MSDs! Now I totally believe you! Grats!

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You STOLE this car!!!

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Add CEL to this? :rofl::rofl:
Then people would really be upset :joy:

How did it go sir? :wink:

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Dealer offered 13% before incentives. I’ve been talking to the same dealer about the M340i though as I feel like the CS might be to much car for me especially coming from a 330i.

Great deal!! Bmw mckenna told me they should add premium on 18 M3 since there is no M3 for 2019. Idiots…


I am getting no where on a M3 or M3 CS. The person told me that the car is an asset and doesn’t mind holding on to it.

Why is this difficult in Florida

Look elsewhere and get it shipped. Florida is a tough market.

Try Bmw of Sarasota. Their location and the average age of the retired community there might bring you a good discount. It’s just a guess though. GL

Thanks for the advice. I did actually email the SM, with some documentation and waiting to hear back. They have two CS

Lol good luck with Sarasota. They gave me $1100 final on 2 days left in the month even when I had already gotten mine lol.