Leasing a 2020 / 2021 Mercedes Benz E350

I just finished up a 2017 BMW 5 series lease and was thinking of trying out a competitor, the Benz E class. I’m in SoCal.

I’ve never leased a Mercedes before and while doing a little bit of research on here, it seems that E classes don’t lease well as in there aren’t lots of good deals for them?

Does anyone have any advice/suggestions when it comes to leasing a 2020 or 2021 E 350?

I leased a 2020 E350 back in late August so I have some experience on what you will go through. As of right now, there are no incentives for 2020 OR 2021 models. They were offering loyalty up until recently but that seems gone. The only incentive that you can use is probably EAB or their fleet incentive. The 2021 is a mid-cycle refresh and it just came out so don’t expect deals. Depending on what you want, the only car you can score a deal on is a loaner 2020 if that is your thing. It’s getting close to end of the year and you can try hitting up a dealer for end of the month or end of the year to get a good deal. You have to be flexible with options and colors and also where the car is located. I scored both of my E-Classes out of city and out of state.

MB? Go talk to @Calvin.MB

Also, take a look at this:
Fleet Incentives NO MATTER WHAT

Got it, thank you! Do you mind sharing the numbers for your lease? What is monthly payment with tax, what packages/options did you get, MSRP, etc.

Finish Line has an aggressive offer on the 2020 E450 and E53. There is also a 2021 E350 offer but because of the refresh it isn’t as good as the v6 cars.

This is probably closer to unicorn status, expect at least 100 more a month and possibly higher DAS. I haven’t searched for a Benz since I got mine.

Thank you! How do you like the car so far? And which of the options/packages do you feel are needed for the E class? I’m coming from a 5 series and never driven a Mercedes before

I had a 2017, so the 2020 has slight upgrades but it’s pretty much the same car. I’m not sure about the options/packages because that’s highly dependent on you. Are you going for a new car or a loaner? Most cars I have seen come equipped with the premium package and some even include AMG line exterior which gives you beefier front brakes. The rest are not usually ordered. I’m coming from looking at previous loaner cars that were available for lease, so most dealers are going to order them with something, but any of the nicer stuff like driver’s assistance or massage seats will be available only on a new car or custom order. E-classes usually come comparably equipped things standard as opposed to the cheaper C-Class and A-Class.