Fleet Incentives NO MATTER WHAT

What is going on everyone! I hope you all are well. I wanted to let you know about this little secret I found! You are able to get you clients a Fleet Incentive no matter who they work for. This will save you on those deals that are a few buck apart and at the bottom number. This will also help you take back your full pop bonus

All you have to do is sign them up for Mercedes-Benz Club of America. It only cost them $55 and will save them $500 at least. Make sure to turn off auto-renew. Each account has a unique can and control number.

Once signed up all you have to is view Membership Services!

Hope this helps & Happy Hacking!


Nice! Thank you for letting us know.

Isn’t Penfed a better deal?


Depending on how much time you have, you’ll have to wait a few months for PenFed to be able to receive the fleet benefits.

MBCA is instant.

Once you’ve been on this site for awhile, there’s some default memberships/accounts you should open up PenFed and Costco are two I can think of. PenFed is really a no brainier because it costs $15 and lasts forever. The GM card is a good one too, got me an extra $1000 on my Bolt earlier this year.


Awesome! Thank u for this!!